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iReview | DC Animated Movie INJUSTICE

The über-popular video game is the latest DC Animated Movie to get a full-length adaptation in INJUSTICE when the World’s Greatest Heroes are faced with the ultimate consequences of their actions and heroes are forced to choose sides!

What if… the greatest champion of heroes on the planet was dealt the deepest cut and the thing that he loved most was taken away from him? What if the person Superman treasured the most, Lois Lane is murdered and his city, Metropolis is laid to waste? In the DC Animated Movie INJUSTICE based on the video game and inspired by the graphic novels written by Tom Taylor, the Man of Steel is pushed to the breaking point, and the battle lines are drawn right down the line pitting hero against hero, and the Justice League crumbles under the pressure.

It’s the perfect plan! After years of tormenting Gotham City and evading capture again and again from the Dark Knight himself, Batman’s greatest adversary, The Joker has set his sets on taking down the Man of Steel, and the villainous madman knows exactly what will take Superman out once and for all! The Clown Prince of Crime and his accomplice, Harley Quinn have kidnapped Lois Lane and have hidden a nuclear device in Metropolis that is timed to go off the minute that Lois’ heart stops beating! Unaccustomed to dealing with the Joker’s chaos, Superman falls into his trap!

The consequences of which tear Superman’s world apart. It’s a no-holds-barred “Elseworlds” adventure that has earned its “R” rating as the Man of Tomorrow takes matters into his own hand after falling for The Joker’s treacherous scheme. It all goes topsy turvy when Superman punches his fist through the criminal effectively ending his reign, but the cost rips a line right down the center of the Justice League. Batman is determined to help his friend, and Wonder Woman will do whatever it takes to bring justice to the chaos, but Superman has other plans and if it means taking over, he’ll do just that!

Even Zack Snyder’s Justice League envisioned a world where a totalitarian Man of Steel is relentless in his efforts when faced with a world where he’s lost the love of his life. Injustice is more than just a twisted alternate history that pits the league against one another, it’s a morality play about the fragility of power — and what it might take to push the powerful being to the brink, and the consequences of such power is irresponsibly wielded. In the end, the Justice League must come face to face with one of the greatest crises they’ve ever faced and lives will be lost!

Justice Gets Animated

The voice cast features Justin Hartley (“Smallville”) as Superman and Anson Mount (“Star Trek: Discovery”) as Batman. The story is extremely well crafted and is encapsulated. Injustice has a definite start, middle, and end, unlike the graphic novel series that had several chapters and numerous volumes. Injustice is surprisingly satisfying. The animation is exciting and cool and captures the likeness of the heroes as they appear in the video game; the story is also interestingly placed within the expansive DC Universe which gives it a resonance that might otherwise feel beleaguered. It restores a bit of hope.

Injustice like the video game is very dark and stays true to the theme; it introduces a side of the most iconic characters that may not be appealing to most die-hard fans who prefer to see their DC heroes living up to the established ideals we’ve all grown accustomed to. Most interesting is the depth of intrigue that is devoted to really developing the human side of it all and how it lands at the very end of the film — there really is a genuinely unique payoff that brings it all home.

The Blu-ray also includes additional Special Features with a roundtable discussion with the animated film’s creators who reveal the trials and tribulations involved in turning the most beloved hero, Superman, the Man of Steel into a dangerous threat that divides the Justice League right down the middle. Also bundled with the package are two additional animated episodes from the DC Vault: Injustice For All Parts 1 & 2 from the classic Justice League series introduce the Injustice Society and set up the careening final arc of the series. Truly two of the best in the bunch!

DC ANIMATED MOVIE INJUSTICE is available now in 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and Digital.

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