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iReview :: DC Collectibles – DC ICONS Action Figures

The latest release from the DC Collectibles DC Comics ICONS line of action figures introduce a milestone with STATIC leading the charge!

Of any action figures currently on the market, DC Collectibles have taken great care to insure that if they’re going to own their brand and design and release product to this audience, it’s going to make certain that with every new addition, they’ve got something interesting to offer fans.

The high-end line of DC Comics ICONS figures promised from its launch that with every cycle they would explore “iconic” versions of the heroes and villains inside the DC publishing continuity, though they’ve just ventured further into the multiverse and crossing imprints with the issue of a Milestone Comics favorite – Static!

The Static action figure comes with a man hole cover for transportation and lightning array!

The electrically charged metahuman protects the city of Dakota while attending high school in his true identity of Virgil Hawkins. The figure is styled in the skin-tight body suit that the character wears in his later issues, including the baseball cap. At 6″ Static looks quite dynamic and can be posed wildly upon his favorite mode of transportation: a man hole cover.

Of most contemporary “Modern Age” superheroes Static has always been a fan favorite that has transcended mediums and even appeared in his cartoon series that worked itself into the Justice League Unlimited continuity. Static survived the “FlashPoint” reboot and appeared as a provisional member of Red Robin’s Teen Titans.

There are two versions of the DC ICONS Static action figure (#17 in the line) the “standard” release and a “deluxe” with alternate hands and his signature yellow trench coat.

The Swamp Thing leaps from the pages in this action figure incarnation of the classic DC Comics monster!

Also hitting shelves is the most famous elemental in the DC Universe, Swamp Thing joins the ranks of the DC ICONS line as #18 and is sculpted as he appeared in the Swamp Thing comics arc “Dark Genesis”. The figure appropriately stands a head above most of the other figures and is expertly detailed, and comes packed with Un-Man.

These latest additions to the DC Collectibles DC Comics ICONS action figures have been released in tandem with the Justice League “Rebirth” 7-figure set, and are available in specialty shops everywhere.

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