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iReview :: DC Comics SUICIDE SQUAD #11

They’ve just saved the world. Is it too much to ask that the Suicide Squad get some time off? Perhaps not…but a new danger is moving in and it may look like Amanda Waller is losing her grip on Task Force X.

The Squad may have just helped save the world from the threat of a possessed Maxwell Lord, but the damage has been done. Max released Amanda Waller’s first assembled assassins, and among that group there is one in particular that is holding a grudge. Rustam has pledged to get his revenge on Waller and he’s already proven he means business. He came after Waller’s family and has forced her into hiding.

Meanwhile the Suicide Squad is on a mission to bring down their Russian counterparts and have attacked every secret facility on the planet chasing leads to track down the Annihilation Brigade. With Waller out of the picture, at least for the moment, Harcourt is in charge and running the show and running the Squad ragged. Even Flag is convinced that some R&R may be in order even after Harley Quinn suggests that the group is nearing a breaking point.

Now that Waller is out of the picture, or at least not on the front lines, a little time off may be just what the Suicide Squad needs, after all Rustam is on a rampage and he is leaving no stone unturned. Targeting Gotham City’s Blackgate Penitentiary, Rustam has orchestrated a massive prison break just as Hack the computer wizard just recruited into the team learns that their is a traitor in the midsts.

Someone else is gunning for Amanda Waller. In a darkened alley outside of Belle Reve it appears that Waller has met her maker!

It’s no joke! The Suicide Squad is rapidly becoming one of the most interesting reads coming out of DC Comics. This latest relaunch may have been patterned after the big budget dud that hit screens last summer, but it stands out on its own exciting revamped and in keeping with the publishing wide “Rebirth” rebrand. Jim Lee came on board to relaunch the book and elevated the look of the characters; the legendary John Romita, Jr. now adds his own style to the mix.

Writer Joshua Williamson may have had a hand in making the landmark Justice League vs. Suicide Squad the must-read event of the winter, but Rob Williams has been consistently making the team book much more than any other creative that’s taken on the deadliest bunch in comics. This team is far more than just a group of expendables. They’ve evolved into a very human feeling bunch, that is widely more real because they are constantly dealing with their mortality.

The Suicide Squad may be most heroic of any team currently in the DC Comics pantheon. This latest arc is compelling and is propelling the dynamic in an entirely new direction that is worth keeping an eye on.

DC Comics Suicide Squad #11 “Burning Down the House” Part 1 - “Life Inside” - written by Rob Williams with pencils by John Romita Jr. and is available now in speciality shops and as a digital comic download. $2.99

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