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iReview |DC’s STARGIRL

The next generation of superheroes is making planetfall! Enter…the newest star, DC’s STARGIRL has landed! Inspired by the Golden Age of Heroes, high-schooler Courtney Whitmore is about to inherit the mantle of the Cosmic Staff and all the responsibility that comes with it!

[Spoiler Alert!] Being a teenager is hard enough, but when Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger) discovers that she and her family have uprooted their lives from the sun-soaked West Coast to Blue Valley, Nebraska things couldn’t have taken the worst turn. Sure, her mom is thrilled to have married a nice guy. Pat Dugan (Luke Wilson) is doing everything in his power to step up and be the father that Courtney never had, but has he been completely honest about his past? When Courtney pokes her nose into Pat’s private things, she uncovers some of his mysterious past.

Not so long ago, during a Golden Age of Heroes, Pat was the able sidekick to one Starman (Joel McHale) a member of the fabled Justice Society of America, a league of costumed adventures who repelled the evil plans of an Injustice Society of Villains but were unable to defend themselves against a coordinated attack on their headquarters. As “Stripesy” Pat fought alongside Starman, who wielded the power of the Cosmic Staff, but even against the might of Brainwave, Starman is unable to fight off their enemies.

With his last breath, he entrusts his Cosmic Staff to Pa, and asks him to care for the weapon until the staff is able to find a worthy successor. Honoring his hero’s request, Pat keeps the staff, along with all the JSA’s secret files safe and under lock and key — at least until his teenage step-daughter stumbles onto the crates in the basement of their new home in Blue Valley. Courtney immediately establishes a rapport with the staff and is able to almost expertly navigate it from the get go…almost!

An Original

With the primetime landscape wallpapered with costumed superheroes and masked vigilantes, DC’s Stargirl is taking a fresh approach and alternative narrative style with its latest adaptation to screen of a DC comic’s icon. Created by Geoff Johns and based on his own sister (who passed away in an accident) this is the first of the DC heroes that are truly rooted in a passion project that was carefully crafted for a new audience. Most of the DC heroes on The CW are all grown up, adults on a heroic journey gifted with a purpose to fight for truth and justice.

Courtney Whitmore is a teenager with a drive to pursue excellence, for sure (she’s a skilled gymnast and crafty student) but also has to navigate the pitfalls of high school and all the baggage that comes with having to be a “perfect” kid! Add to that the stresses of being the new kid in school and she has he work cut out for herself. Now trying to fit in will also come with the determination to control the Cosmic Staff, live up to the spirit of the heroes that came before, and inspire a new generation of adventures to come along.

She won’t be alone in her fight, that’s for sure. Pat Dugan isn’t going to let her walk into any danger zones without some parental controls in place, and then there’s the resurgence of the Injustice Society. What secrets does Blue Valley harbor that has brought this nest of villains to roost in this All-American town that time forgot, and will Courtney be up to the challenge when the world becomes aware that there’s a new superhero in town?

DC’s STARGIRL | a DC Universe Original Series | New Episodes every Monday | the Original Series will also premiere on The CW, Tuesday, May 19 @ 8pm

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