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iReview :: DC Universe Original Movie JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK

When the light can not escape the shadows, Batman has no other recourse but to recruit a team of paranormally powered individuals to venture where few dare to tumble! Introducing the JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK!

Matt Ryan reprises his role of John Constantine.

Dark forces are afoot and the Earth’s Greatest Heroes may be ill equipped to deal what’s coming! After battling the demon Trigon in the their last outing together (see Justice League vs. Teen Titans) you would have half-expected the Justice League to be prepared to just about anything, but when a string of paranormal incidents begin to plague innocents across the world, Batman has no choice but to find new potential allies that may understand the menace at work!

In Justice League Dark the latest original animated release set as part of the established continuity of films that began with Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox the DC Comics Universe gets explored from an entirely new perspective and implores the mystic side of heroics. Certainly there have been several high ranking magically based characters that have served as members of the Justice League, but only recently have they gotten so much attention.

Largely in part due to the success of the live-action Constantine television series on NBC which starred Matt Ryan who reprises the role for this animated outing, after a star-turning guest role on The CW’s hit series Arrow has magic started to really cast its spell with its new audience. Magic in the DC Universe is a little less glitzy than in the competitor studio’s strange interpretation. There’s a grittiness to John Constantine that makes him that much more intriguing.

For the film Justice League Dark Batman seeks out Constantine and several other magic wielders including Zatanna, Deadman, and Etrigan, The Demon to take on an out of control magical menace that even draws the attention of Swamp Thing one of the Earth’s elementals. These characters have all played a part individually and as a unit in the comics, but seeing them portrayed in animation, working as a team like this, makes for one of the more unique ventures yet.

With Batman working to interpret how best to get these characters to work together against their enemy, the Justice League have just never looked cooler! There’s nothing random about their chemistry, and the action is equally engaging — Justice League Dark is an incredibly thrilling ride and a welcome respite from the usual costumed hero adventures!

DC Universe Original Movie Justice League Dark - featuring the voice talents of Matt Ryan and Jason O’Mara directed by Jay Oliva written by J.M. DeMatteis and Ernie Altbacker is available in Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD Combo Packs as well on several VOD download platforms. Rated R for some disturbing violence.

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