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iReview | LOST IN SPACE The Complete First Season

Available now on Blu-Ray and Digital HD, the Netflix Original Series is worth getting lost in. Danger seems to follow The Robinsons everywhere, even to the edges of the final frontier…

Get lost! When Netflix announced it was rebooting a science-fiction franchise to run counter to the subscription services award-winning series including House of Cards and documentaries like Making a Murderer few would have imagined that the network that was out to challenge the conventional successes of HBO’s Game of Thrones would have chosen to resurrect Lost In Space — the 1960s series loosely adapted from the book “Swiss Family Robinson” about a family that gets stranded on an alien planet in the farthest reaches of space.

Starring Holly Parker and Toby Stephens as Maureen and John Robinson, the matriarch and patriarch of The Robinson Family — along with their children, Judy, Penny and son Will, find themselves a million light-years away from home. As the story opens, The Robinsons find their shuttle, a Jupiter-class shuttle tossed into the atmosphere of an alien planet, amidst the plummeting debris of their space station which may be lost to them. In the first 24-hours since crashing into the snowy tundra on the surface, The Robinsons are immediately in survival mode.

Unlike the 1960s predecessor, which almost heavily relied on a bit of camp and simple practical effects to get its story across, Lost In Space The Complete First Season available now on Blu-Ray and Digital HD takes great measures to develop the family; all five of The Robinsons are fully fleshed and very realistic individuals — facing the unpredictability of their circumstances, they have little choice but to find a way to survive — and to do so they must stick together. And then there’s The Robot!

Skewing far from the conventions of the Original Series, or even the blockbuster bigness of the feature film that itself got lost, the First Season sets up an interesting bit of mythology, with characters that are full of duplicity and complication. There’s also a very healthy bit of science, as the more than capable Robinsons prove that they need to rely on more than CGI to get through their trials and tribulations. It’s fortunate that among them there’s an engineer, a military survivalist, a doctor, an practical thinker and a Will Robinson - who knows how to speak Robot.

Lost In Space The Complete First Season is a worthy for binging especially as the Second Season is fast approaching and will soon touchdown on Netflix “watchlists” everywhere.

Lost In Space The Complete First Season available on Blu-Ray and Digital HD | $24.99


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