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iTunedIN | CHER - IT’S A MAN’S WORLD Goes Deluxe!

A Pop Music Feature

The indomitable icon Cher revisits her landmark 1995 album It’s a Man’s World with a Limited-Edition Deluxe release that remasters all 14 tracks and includes an additional series of rare remixes in a stunning vinyl and CD package!

In all of the popular culture, only one artist has risen above the rest and proven an ability to remain as relevant as the changing tide, and she’s only needed one name. There is only one Cher and in her decades in entertainment, the artist has always proven one step ahead of the rest. The consummate overachiever, Cher charted her own path. In 1995 Cher released one of the most critically-acclaimed albums of her career, and It’s a Man’s World is getting a limited Deluxe Edition release.

All 14 original tracks from the UK/International version have been remastered and will be released in a newly packaged vinyl pressing and in a 2-Disc set that includes exclusive remixes, many offered in these formats for the first time. The album has long been considered Cher’s finest work and is defined by the singles “Walking in Memphis”, “One By One”, and “Not Enough Love In the World” to name a few. The album was certified Gold and was the precursor to another career-(re)defining moment for Cher; with the release of 1998’s Believe the artist solidified her dance floor dominance.

This marks the “first-time” release of It’s a Man’s World on vinyl and is being offered in a unique box set, with exclusive art and numbered lithograph of Cher. The 2-Disc CD is also being provided on Cher’s official site. Among the rare remixes in the remix setlist is “One By One (JR’s Pride Mix)”. Check out the track and Watch the Visualizer Video here:

And in another extraordinary move here is your #FanzEyeView of the previously unreleased official video of Cher’s “Walking in Memphis” (Director’s Cut) in HD:

IT’S A MAN’S WORLD DELUXE EDITION (REMASTERED) | by CHER | is available in a 4 LP limited-edition box, numbered lithograph of an iconic photograph of Cher, a deluxe 2-Disc set, and on most Digital Download stores including iTunes, and will be released on July 14, 2023. Most of the remixes are being made available for the first time. Download from iTunes here.

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