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iTunedIN | COLTON FORD The New Single is “Stay”

The new single from pop music maestro Colton Ford perfectly soothes all our dance floor anxiety. “Stay” is a melodic maelstrom and the #OnlyFans video will keep you wanting more with its visually arresting seduction.

Now you have every reason to stay inside and turn up the music! On Colton Ford’s latest single “Stay”, a predecessor to his much anticipated upcoming album project, the singer/songwriter who has always balanced his musical versatility across genres with purely pop confections, often eagerly tinged with the heart and soul of r&b, never compromising to his most dance floor devoted followers, has delivered a groovily intimate nu-disco sound with nods to familiar 80s pop-riffs and a House remix to boot.

Pursuing the avenues of self-releasing and producing his own tracks has afforded Colton Ford the luxury to venture musically and take risks. He’s explored jazz standards, pop anthems, and vocally charged lyrical offerings, as most recently expressed on the colorful Unity - EP. With “Stay”, he’s taken a dive back into dance music with an irresistible syncopated rhythm that perfectly allows for his vocals to blend and not get lost in the track’s pulsing production.

A love song, with all the anticipated highs and lows that come with a relationship, its lyrics are narrating us through the tribulations as the music guides us through the valleys. Ford’s vocals float above and evenly through the instrumental accompaniment and sound very close to George Michael from his 1996 Older “Star People” era. The additional “Stay” (Spin’s Dee-Lish Remix) perfectly provides a lustful House redux that compliments the original, while providing the beats needed to validate the tune’s dance floor credibility is intact.

The music video shot and directed by renowned photographer Kevin D. Hoover may be just what the industry needs to shake up the medium. Always willing to push the envelope, Ford has engineered a visual feast that is exactly tailored to appeal to his established fanbase, while cultivating a new one. Turning up the sex appeal and provocatively courting controversy, the artist has taken advantage of the debut single to inaugurate his #OnlyFans page and inviting fans to give themselves permission and enjoy the full-length music video.

“Stay” | Colton Ford | is available to download here on iTunes and additional music store outlets and is released on Woop Woop Productions.

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