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iTunedIN | COLTON FORD The New Single is “Stronger”

The Pop Music Impresario is back with a new track that speaks to our times and sends a message that together we are “Stronger”. Check it out now!

Colton Ford. His career proven quite the unexpected journey, and has taken him there and back again, but one thing is true, it’s always been full of music — and has always been doubly entertaining. Since the release of his full-length 2007 effort Tug of War, Colton Ford has toed the line, capitalizing on his image on raw sexuality to also present his passion for pop, dance, r&b, funk music as his greatest talent. Ford has consistently kept himself in top form and dedicated to his music while outpacing obstacles that may have stood in his way.

That’s why his latest single, “Stronger” the first track off of his upcoming EP entitled Unity is perhaps his most personal work yet. The song is the result of music that’s been over a year in the making and part of his latest collaborative effort with his two new creative partners, Ron Schrader and Spin Sista under the banner of Woop Woop Productions. “Music and entertainment has such power,” Ford wrote in a press release announcing the new track and encouraging his fans to vote on Election Day, “even more so during time of struggle and uncertainty, like right now!”

It’s an anthem for our uncertain times and beckons for a hopeful outcome of a brighter tomorrow, something that Ford can definitely relate to. Though controversy may have followed him in his pursuit of fame, his art — his music — has remained and continues to emerge authentically him, and as he suggests: “Stay strong!” The single is available now for digital download across all platforms and includes two remixes by Spin Sista. Check it out NOW!

“Stronger” | Colton Ford | is available to download here on these Digital Music Outlets.

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