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iTunedIN | DON’T NEVER CHANGE - Dwayne Minard vs. Tami Neilson

Dance Music producer extraordinaire Dwayne Minard is back with a club floor thumper that is as inspired as it is revolutionary! “Don’t Never Change” featuring Tami Neilson will get under your skin!

Dance Music! It’s in constant evolution. There are many that will suggest that it was during the era of disco at great lengths to the contributions of Giorgio Moroder that Dance Music was elevated into a mainstream genre that mattered. The 1970s saw an excitable blend of electro-synth sounds that were naturally blended and married to r&b/funk with the soulful touches of some of the most powerful black vocalists of the time giving dance a solid bedrock of which it could stand on.

When rock and roll reclaimed the top of the charts, the early 80s Euro-pop entered into the scene, exploiting that technological beats and kinetic instrumentation pushing the envelope, until the 90s exploded and Dance became “the shit” again. House Music was emerging from the underground club circuits of Chicago and New York City. The combinations of natural-sounding percussions and strings, coupled with the deep reach tones of gospel voices, took things to a new level — an elevation really, that the dance faithful are always aiming to re-experience.

Don’t Never Change

DJ/Producer Dwayne Minard has been transformative on the Dance Music scene especially given his dedication to reaching back through the decades of influences and polishing familiar sounds with a far future-feeling reach, making dance music feel inspired and profound. On his latest track “Don’t Never Change” featuring Tami Neilson, the song moves with a living pulse, with a syncopated hand-clap that turns into a hip-shaking onslaught that feels touched by the Holy Spirit himself.

Minard entrusts the rhythm to drive the track’s energy and purpose. It has all the earmarks of a great Garage House track and it’s that nostalgia-factor that raises the bar among some of the current dance music making its way across the newly enthused “virtual” club scene (now that many of us are living in quarantine thanks to the global pandemic). It’s a testament to Dwayne Minard’s own ingenuity as a gifted musician that even in this climate, he’s able to produce a track that speaks to the time, capturing a snapshot of the social movement and setting it to music.

Interestingly the track itself wrapped production last year, before the upheaval caused by the global pandemic and the current rise in social consciousness due to the murders at the hands of aggressive policing. “The timing is just coincidence,” Minard admitted, but nonetheless enhances the song’s presence with its very timely messaging.

“Don’t Never Change” has a deeply anthemic quality that will appeal to every fan of the movement, and will certainly keep everyone hopeful that the dance floor will soon reclaim its most dedicated and faithful! “Don’t Never Change” is the epitome of “anthem” and will move its audience with its new religion! Until the club scene temple reclaims the writhing bodies of its dutiful flock, the heart and the soul are in very good hands, just listen to the gospel as preached by DJ Dwayne Minard!

Don’t Never Change | Dwayne Minard feat. Tami Neilson | is available now on iTunes.

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