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After weeks of “will they, won’t they” Elton John and Britney Spears reveal their collaboration, a new single mash-up entitled “Hold Me Closer” that has reignited interest in Spears’ return to music.

It’s been too long since the music world has heard from Britney Spears. The pop artist has kept things very close since winning back her freedom, after years under the thumb of a conservatorship that also put a strain on her creativity and ability to pick/choose, when/how she performed. After six years of bridling it all in, Spears was coaxed by none other than the legendary Elton John to duet with her on a new single. “Hold Me Closer” is the name of the new track, a mash-up of John’s 1971 “Tiny Dancer” and “The One” from 1992.

The suggestion of collaborating with Spears came from Elton John’s husband David Furbish, and both thought that it would be a brilliant idea especially if Britney was up to it. There were concerns, given the drama surrounding Spears, but when approached to work with the legendary music man, Spears couldn’t have passed up the chance. Although they didn’t record their vocals together, Britney apparently was in really strong form and Elton John was thrilled with her performance. The track was released on Friday, ahead of the MTV Video Music Awards, which is very good timing.

The single is a similarly reworked pop mash-up as Elton John’s hit from last year “Cold Heart” (PNAU Remix) with Euro-dance act Dua Lipa. Spears’ last official music release came in 2020 and was a reissue of her last album Glory which included previously unreleased tracks “Mood Ring”, “Swimming in the Stars” and the Backstreet Boys collaboration “Matches” originally recorded in 2016. The artist has kept out of the limelight, although many of her most dedicated fans are hoping she’ll return to form and get back into the studio. Perhaps this is a sign that she’s preparing for a comeback.

HOLD ME CLOSER | by Elton John & Britney Spears | is available to download on iTunes and additional digital music store outlets. Download from iTunes here.

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