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iTunedIN | JAKK FYNN - The New EP

LatinX Transmasculine artist Jakk Fynn releases new EP Cancelled and shares all-new music resonating with honest reflections on life, love, and living. It’s the artist’s own cathartic expression and personal release through music.

Music as a divine experience and self-expression has always been a popular means for artists to share personal stories with their fans. It’s never been more important than in today’s society where so many of us are searching for something or someone that we can connect with and understand our common trials and tribulations. For Jakk Fynn the Latinx Transmasculine artist (who identifies with the pronouns he/him) the journey to him’s latest EP is especially profound and relevant.

The 5-song setlist featured on Cancelled is a pop/dance assembling of contemporary synth-pop that also harkens to 80s electronica and benefits from Fynn’s vocal presence. The artist allowed feelings to flow easily on a journey analyzing the rise and pitfalls and complications associated with relationships. “Everyone has trauma,” Jakk admitted, “but I think it’s super important, especially for people within the queer community, to really understand how their past experiences have shaped their coping mechanism.”

It’s an experience that will resonate with many today; with the calamitous distractions and toxic persecution plaguing many who feel themselves ostracized, Jakk Fynn is providing an avenue by which we can address these issues and especially grasp the reality that we’re not alone; we all in this fight together. The artist’s single for “Fire” (2019) is also featured on the new EP and is “an artistic statement on how society imposes gender constructs and sexual identities on its members.” It’s not just about accepting someone’s own personal choices; tolerance is just not enough.

The key is to find like-minded individuals and feeling uplifted. Gender identity and the exploration of trans-individuality is not a fad to be exploited by mainstream culture. Jakk Fynn shares and authenticity on Cancelled that transcends.

Check out the music video to “Special” here:

Jakk Fynn | Canelled | EP available for Digital Download on iTunes | $4.95

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