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iTunedIN | JENNIFER LOPEZ… We Just Can’t Get Enough

A Pop Music Feature

Never one to shy away from the public eye, Jennifer Lopez enters the new year with unparalleled optimism, with a new album and single hitting the charts, and on the arm of her one true love. Fans “Can’t Get Enough”!

Album Art

Throughout her career, Jennifer Lopez has demonstrated a knack for generating as much press headlines over her love life as she has for her incalculable talent. The mega-wattage triple threat has conquered Hollywood, as well as redefined her music career, and rallied for herself an impressive portfolio that has easily qualified her as one of the most powerful business-savvy entertainers of all time. She has always lived in full view of the public eye, and as she enters into a new year, Lopez is taking a moment to reflect on the distance between then and now.

If her 2002 album, This Is Me…Then appeared ambitious, it was for its time. The album was intended to capitalize on the height of the artist’s popularity, if not mark one of the most tumultuous eras in her life. Jennifer Lopez had achieved at that moment, a success that is afforded to few in entertainment — but it didn’t come without a price. She had a #1 film, and a #1 single on the charts, and her recording career continued to skyrocket. She was engaged to actor/director Ben Affleck, also emerging as one of Hollywood’s heavy-hitters. The pair starred in a movie together, but it would be shanghaied by intense scrutiny, ultimately bad reviews, and proved an epic fail at the box office.

The rabid intensity around her relationship with Affleck, with the paparazzi a constant presence also proved traumatic and provoked the couple to go separate ways. It was a pivotal moment in Lopez’s personal life but the consummate performer did what she always did and poured herself into her work.

Then and Now

Two decades and change later, Lopez is taking a deep look at where she was then, and as much as making a significant move to celebrate the 20th anniversary of This Is Me…Then she is bringing it forward. Her upcoming new album This Is Me…Now is released on February 16th. It is Jennifer Lopez’s ninth full-length studio album and just as she had promised, reflects on her journey. Accompanying the release of the album will be a film of the same title which as described in the press info will “delve into the highs and lows of life, love, and relationships with unflinching honesty and introspection.”

The album’s lead single “Can’t Get Enough” already is generating a tremendous amount of buzz, especially with the video featuring Jennifer Lopez in her best form. The groovy new single has a soft-spoken tender relevancy to it, which is all things playful and sultry — stylistically Lopez generously stays inside of her lane. The track has an R&B lick and thump, with sugary sweet lyrics that emphasize the romantic nature and ease with which Jennifer must find herself presently. Getting in on the joke of it all, Lopez pokes some fun at her love life and nuptials in the video, which proves she is still a gifted high stepper without parallel and keeps up easily with dancer/choreographer Derek Hough.

Here is your #FanzEyeView of Jennifer Lopez’s video for “Can’t Get Enough” from the upcoming album This Is Me…Now here:

THIS IS ME…NOW | by JENNIFER LOPEZ| is available for pre-order in most Digital Download stores including iTunes. Pre-order from iTunes here.

Album Art

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