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iTunedIN | KRISTINE W - “Just a Lie” New Single

Dance Goddess Kristine W is back with a new single, more music and a new attitude! Her new single “Just a Lie” is a revelatory look inside her own experience with love and lies. She’s never been one to mince words!

Kylie marks a benchmark in her career on the live album and DVD capturing every shining moment.

The dance music landscape owes a lot to Kristine W. When her groundbreaking 1996 album Land of the Living hit the scene, it revolutionized and properly legitimized dance and house music as a formidable player in mainstream. With chart-topping hits like “Feel What You Want”, “One More Try” and the album’s title track, Kristine W inspired the club scene of the 90s and brought about the dawn of the Big Room Anthem, paving the way for super-star DJs like Junior Vasquez and Rollo to become highly sought after producers and remixers. It was an era unlike any in contemporary music, before the rapid commercialization of pop music.

The changing tide forced Kristine W to evolve in a way that few other artists could match. In order to remain a significant player on the field, Kristine W went the independent route which gave her more control over her music, how it was released and especially who she chose to collaborate with. It’s kept her relevant, allowed her to pursue other genres like jazz, and reintroduced her classic dance anthems to an entire generation well into the new millennium. Her tenacity has turned Kristine W into an icon, an unflappable advocate within the LGTBQ community and she continues to break barriers with her innovative sound and visuals!

She’s Got Issues!

Never one to shy away from controversy, Kristine W has often worn her heart on her sleeve, especially when it comes to her music. She’s fully cognizant of how devoted her audience is, and how closely they hang onto every word she says — there are are some very deep themes in Kristine W’s music (and there have always been). In her latest single “Just a Lie” the first off of her upcoming album The Issues Episode 1: Love and Lies set to debut in February on her Fly Again Music label, she reveals the heartache of loves loss and deep betrayal, citing the inspiration for the track on her own divorce.

“Frankly, it has been a lot of work,” the artist said, “but I firmly believe in the power of music and it has certainly helped me through the toughest episodes of life.” The track was originally about death and loss, but quickly evolved into an examination of her marriage which lead to divorce. “I realize now how similar divorce is to a death,” Kristine W explained. “It’s mourning the loss of the relationship, the breakup of the family, the betrayal — so many things. The grieving is intense.” Like she has so many times before, she set the experience to music. Collaborating with Bob Sandee / Subgroover (aka Crossnaders) for the tracks funky, electro house vibe.

Check out the video for Kristine W’s new single “Just a Lie” here:

Kristine W | “Just a Lie” the new single from the the upcoming album The Issues Episode 1: Love and Lies is released through Kristine W’s own label Fly Again Music Production and is available for Digital Download pre-order here on iTunes for $7.99.

For upcoming tour dates and appearance goto Kristine W website for exclusive music and content.

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