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iTunedIN | KRISTINE W Releases the New Single BY MY SIDE

A Pop Music Feature

The undisputed Queen of the Dance Floor KRISTINE W continues to prove her dominance with “BY MY SIDE” a jaunty nu-disco confection that feels startlingly contemporary while evoking a classic feel that will take you back!

We’re just getting into summer but the dance music season is in full swing and it’s especially euphoric as the hot weather takes over, that many of the sounds that define the circuit music festivals are once again feeling so vibrant. For instance, Kristine W is an artist whose versatility as a musician, singer, and songwriter (and eventual self-made music producer) has made her one of the most venerable talents on the scene. Her 1996 signature hit tracks “Feel What You Want” and “Land Of The Living” both from the groundbreaking album Land Of The Living completely redefined the dance genre, and solidified her place as one of the Top 10 Dance Artists of all time.

Billboard Magazine has named her “Dance Music Artist of the Decade” and she has remained a constant on the dance charts, with her jazz vocal veracity and deeply muscular musicality, Kristine W has always distinctly fashioned a sound that has carried her above the rest. When dance music started to achieve commercial marketability, Kristine Elizabeth Weitz (her full name) was determined to bring a storied heart and soul to dance music that had been missing since the days of disco when Donna Summer and Gloria Gaynor were singing their hearts over the magnificent workings of stellar producers the likes of Giorgio Moroder and Niles Rodgers, who were determined to push the envelope of the genre.

Ever hesitating to repeat her own innovation, Kristine W has executed a new track, “By My Side” upon her most dance-devoted fans. The track is the second single (“Can’t Look Back” was the first) from her upcoming latest full-length album and is a soulful, pop-groove that pays homage to the era of disco and funk, while profoundly infusing nu-disco with a healthy dose of the Kristine W magic! The artist has said the inspiration for the track comes from “unconditional love” or more accurately the people who are always there, no matter the circumstances. Many in the LGBTQ+ community, whom Kristine W has always been an advocate for, can relate to the importance of celebrating lasting and loyal friendships.

With the most disenfranchised in our society critically under attack by the politically corrupt conservative agenda that is determined to target a woman’s right to choose, trans-rights, voting rights, and marriage equality, “By My Side” is perfectly timed as the song needed for the moment. “Loyalty is a rare characteristic,” Kristine W has said. “Many folks treat others as disposable. They don't take the time to nurture a friendship or love interest. When you find that person who is willing to stick by you, cherish them. They are greater than gold.” The anthemic message of the song reinforces “You are everything love was meant to be.” — no one could have said it better than Kristine W!

Here is your #FanzEyeView of the official lyric video of Kristine W’s “By My Side” (James Hurr Radio Edit) available now on iTunes:

BY MY SIDE | by KRISTINE W | is available now on most Digital Download outlets. Download from iTunes here. For more information on Kristine W and her music, visit

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