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iTunedIN | KYLIE MINOGUE Raises The Heat with PADAM PADAM

A Pop Music Feature

It’s official! The “Song of the Summer” crowns a winner and bestows Pop Icon KYLIE MINOGUE with the coveted title with her infectious beats that are making dance revelers’ hearts go “Padam Padam”!

Do you hear that sound? It’s the sound of summer — and even in an era where radio no longer holds the reigns and ability to make or break a hit, this season the “song of the summer” has defied all expectations and found a track that is rising above them all! The honor goes to none other than the undisputed Goddess of Love Kylie Minogue who has raised our pulses and guaranteed the heart of the club still beats with her hit single “Padam Padam”. The first single from her highly anticipated new full-length album Tension drops September 22nd.

The single “Padam Padam” has created a movement across all social media, inspiring copycat choreography videos, as it continues its chart climb into the Top Ten of the UK Official Charts including the #1 spot on UK Big Top 40 for five weeks, as it sits at number two in the UK radio airplay charts. There have even been calls for “padam” (which in the track references the sound of one’s heartbeat) to be added to the Oxford English Dictionary. Ina Wroldsen and Peter Rycroft wrote the track is also getting the star remix treatment including re-workings from Jax Jones and ABSOLUTE.

Here is your #FanzEyeView of the official audio video of Kylie Minogue’s “Padam Padam” (Jax Jones Remix) available now on iTunes:

Kylie Minogue has been turning heads in red with her live appearances on American Idol and her headlining set at New York’s KTUphoria annual summer music festival. Check out Kylie’s surprise performance of “Padam Padam” at Capital’s Summertime Ball here:

PADAM PADAM (Jax Jones Remix) | by KYLIE MINOGUE | is available on most Digital Download outlets. Download from iTunes here. Kylie Minogue's next full-length album Tension is also available for pre-order and hits worldwide markets on September 22.

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