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A Pop Music Feature

The Pop Goddess of Love has ruled the summer season and is about to take over the fall with a hotly anticipated new album and its latest single, the title track“Tension” is going to definitely raise your EKG levels!

With the success of the debut single “Padam Padam” from her upcoming sixteenth full-length studio album, Kylie Minogue has raised the temperature and thwarted the competition. The jovial, trip-hoppy beat created a phenomenon that even caught the artist by surprise. It’s no wonder that the new single, “Tension” the title track from the new album has already generated serious buzz and caused just as many palpitations with hardcore fans and new ones alike. The excitement around the new music has even landed Minogue an already sold-out Las Vegas residency.

With the new single ready to hit outlets on August 31, and the new album set to release on September 22, this year is shaping up to be Kylie Minogue’s most magical yet. Not bad for an artist who has had a 35-year and consistently charted, internationally proven that she is a powerhouse to be reckoned with.

Here is your #FanzEyeView of the official teaser video of Kylie Minogue’s next big hit, the title track off of her new album “Tension”:

TENSION | by KYLIE MINOGUE | is available for pre-order on most Digital Download outlets. Download from iTunes here.

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