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iTunedIN | KYLIE MINOGUE’S TENSION with a Bonus!

A Pop Music Feature

The Pop Goddess of Love releases for TENSION with Bonus Deluxe Editions with more music, and some tracks will only be available for a limited time!

Easing her way into musical global dominance, Kylie Minogue continues to ride the wave of success with her latest full-length release, her sixteenth album Tension is already on a trajectory to proving itself a phenomenal worldwide hit! Since its global release on September, 22, the album has been embraced by fans and critics alike, who have fallen for its characteristic exuberance and club-ready excitement, putting Minogue again in the pole position to emerge as this season’s dance floor diva.

As has become a norm inside the music industry, artists and labels are eager to provide their audience with multiple and often collectible formats of releases. In anticipation of the release of Tension, Minogue offered fans a standard 11-track version of the album, coupled with a “Deluxe” version featuring 3 extra tracks; each available in contrasting Digipacks — including the popular “long book”, a stateside CD-sized “Deluxe” book format and a traditional digipack with alternate covers. The various formats were also marketed to appeal to the vinyl aficionado in various appealing colors.

In the album’s week of launch, Kylie took it one more step further, offering her most dedicated dance fans an even more copious release with the exclusive to her website Tension (Bonus Deluxe Edition) which includes 2 more tracks, bringing the setlist to a roaring 16-tracks. The two additional songs “Heavenly Body” and “Drum” were intended at one point to be included as part of the “Deluxe” release but were left off at the last moment. For only one week, the two tracks will be made available with the purchase of the digital “Bonus Deluxe Edition” exclusively on

TENSION (BONUS DELUXE EDITION) | by KYLIE MINOGUE | is available here for a limited time.

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