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iTunedIN | LADY GAGA - “Stupid Love” The New Single

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

It feels like it’s been forever but the wait is now over! Returning to her pop-dance roots LADY GAGA returns with a new single “Stupid Love” and we’re already in love!

A star is born…again! Lady Gaga has been reaching higher in her personal life as well as her career. She landed herself a role opposite Bradley Cooper in the contemporary remake of “A Star Is Born” and earned acclaim for her performance as well as the music, which she collaborated on with Mark Ronson to an Academy Award win. Her 2016 full-length endeavor Joanne revealed a much more subdued musician, although the album’s first single was pure pop-rock in her very familiar rhythmic style.

The artist known for her uncompromising visuals and Haute fashion sense, brandished her vocal and musical skill into a two-pronged attack with a Las Vegas residency that spoke to the two-sides of the coin — her devoted dance audience and her jazz roots. Fans though had sat pretty and anxiously awaited more from their “Mother Monster”. It appears that after much introspection Lady Gaga has returned to form, with a new single that harkens back to the familiar synth-pop of her unprecedented 2008 induction to popular culture.

The track is called “Stupid Love” and if that sounds familiar, you may have been following the controversy around Lady Gaga’s recent Super Bowl Saturday performance, where fans begged Mother Monster to sing the new single — which had leaked. Gaga refused and even spurned the audience’s dissatisfaction by calling them on it. The wait though is over — and the single is out now along with a new music video. The track is intended as the lead to her upcoming sixth studio album Chromatica (due out April 10) and is already generating all the right kind of buzz.

Check out the music video to “Stupid Love” here:

Rumored to have been shot entirely on Lady Gaga’s personal iPhone 11 Pro Max, it proves that you can’t put the pop goddess in a corner; she’s in lock-step with all the usual contraptions that made her a pop icon and sounds vibrant and reenergized!

Lady Gaga | “Stupid Love” | The New Single is available for Digital Download on iTunes | $1.29

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