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iTunedIN | Madonna’s HUNG UP Turns 15

It’s been 15 years we’re still “Hung Up” and every little thing she does. The lead single to Confessions on a Dance Floor heralded Madonna’s proper introduction into the Digital Age of Music and reflected on dance, disco, and the glory of ABBA!

With every little thing, fans have maintained a deep and unparalleled devotion to the Queen of Pop! Madonna barnstormed her way onto the pop lexicon in the early 80s and has proven herself an artist above all others, with the uncanny ability to evolve and adapt to the newest symphonic and marketing trends. she was among the few who relented at the onslaught of the Digital Age of Music and bought hook-line-and-sinker into the Apple Music digital platform when it was on the verge of an explosion! After her successful bought with electronica and politics, Madonna confessed…she was ready for the dance floor.

Not one to settle on subtlety, Madonna entered into 2005 with a revolutionary new sound that also felt genuinely familiar. “Hung Up” a bonafide dance track, co-written by Madonna and her producer/musical director collaborator Stuart Price; the song incorporated a sample solidifying the Euro-pop stylings of ABBA’s “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)” back into the mainstream. It was famously reported that Madonna personally reached out to the reclusive songwriters Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus, and it is only the second time they’ve ever given the rights to sample one of the tracks.

The lead single to Madonna’s tenth full-length studio album Confessions on a Dance Floor without a doubt “Hung Up” was extremely reminiscent of Madonna’s early pop musicality. Her early catalog was so purposefully engineered to appeal to the dance floor and club scene that when Madonna began to experiment outside of the realm of the familiar with electronica, Eurotehno, and folktronica, it appeared to alienate many of her diehard devotees. “Hung Up” was an instant reminder that her roots were firmly set in the club scene. “Hung Up” was a chart hit and gave Madonna her 36th Top-Ten Hit on the Billboard Hot 100!

It would also bring her back into the club scene and properly reignite her dance-pop dominance. The single’s popularity would excite her fans and pave the way for what was to come in the millennium!

Hung Up | Madonna | is available to download here on iTunes.

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