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It’s time to celebrate! Madonna’s very first greatest hits package, THE IMMACULATE COLLECTION has been given a significant symphonic polish as all 17-tracks get a Dolby Atmos spatial audio remastering!

The greatest hits collection by which all “greatest hits” packages are compared has just been given an upgrade! Released in 1990, at the height of her career and popularity, Madonna daringly packaged some of her most notable chart-topping hits. The Immaculate Collection included 15 career-spanning hits, from her early days leading up to the ground-breaking single “Vogue” that would redefine the decade, and also featured two brand new tracks heralding the Queen of Pop’s reign heading toward the new millennium.

The original album cover and credits featuring photography by the legendary Herb Ritts.

The initial release of this retrospective was aligned with the release of the concert film documentary Madonna: Truth or Dare and would go on to become one of the best-selling records of all time, with worldwide sales exceeding 30 million. Recently, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) updated the compilation album’s certification in the United States to 11x platinum. To commemorate the moment, award-winning producer Mike Dean oversaw a brand new mix of all 17 tracks and remastered the setlist using DOLBY Atmos Spatial Audio technology.

When The Immaculate Collection was first produced, the 15 hits chronicling Madonna’s early career were produced using QSound an innovation in portable digital technology that was able to create a three-dimensional experience for the listener. The current standard in Spatial Audio is DOLBY Atmos which has been incorporated into the wide spectrum of devices being utilized by today’s consumers who prefer a much more immersive listening experience. It’s a technology that has become widely popular with Apple and other digital music download services.

For fans who have enjoyed this compilation and regard it as the “defining” era of the Queen of Pop’s music, the tracks have never resonated more beautifully or felt so vibrant. These versions of Madonna’s greatest hits from 1983 - 1990 set the tone for pop music and inevitably propelled the artist to her iconic stature. From “Holiday” to “Into the Groove”, Madonna was determined to alter the fabric of pop music and mixed genres effortlessly with dance and r&b influences, before furthering her musicality on more mature fare from “Live to Tell” to “Open Your Heart”.

The late 80s saw Madonna truly begin to cultivate and embrace a more sophisticated and powerful identity with controversial tracks and videos for “Like a Prayer” and “Express Yourself”, that by the time “Vogue” arrived on the scene the phenomenon was inevitable. The Immaculate Collection also featured two brand-new singles, the hauntingly erotic “Justify My Love” (a prelude of things to come) which featured Lenny Kravitz, and the dance-house club smash “Rescue Me” which reunited Madonna with her “Vogue” collaborator, Shep Pettibone who also remixed many of the tracks on the setlist.

Take a listen! Here is your #FanzEyeView of Madonna’s The Immaculate Collection full album in DOLBY Atmos.

THE IMMACULATE COLLECTION | by Madonna | now remastered in DOLBY Atmos is available on iTunes and other online music store retailers. Download from iTunes here.

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