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iTunedIN | MADONNA & SICKICK Keep It "Frozen" while KYLIE MINOGUE Turns Up the Fire.

Updated: May 25, 2022

The Dynamic Duo of Madonna and Sickick unleash a new remix of the classic hit with a reworking entitled “Frozen On Fire” on the heels of her announcement of a Greatest Remix retrospective of the Queen Of Pop’s career!

One has to wonder what exactly is Madonna looking to accomplish with the multiple reiterations of her hit “Frozen”? The latest entitled “Frozen On Fire” is the fourth in the series of re-productions alongside her co-conspirator, DJ, and remix producer Sickick and is, more or less, another extrapolation of the previous releases although this one at least clocks in a decent runtime of 3 minutes and some change. The previous versions featured Fireboy DML and 070 Shake, came in at just a little over 2 minutes and were hardly fully realized, more experimental than anything.

This latest remix comes on the heels of the announcement that the Queen of Pop is releasing a new Greatest Hits package this August entitled Finally Enough Love which will feature a 50 Number One dance remixes and is the first time that the dance floor diva has taken her fans on an audio excursion that pays respect to her evolution as a dance music innovator. Madonna’s career was undoubtedly launched in the underground New York City club scene and as her star continued to rise on the Pop Charts, she continually reimagined her music with the dance floor in mind.

Remixes remained a significant component of Madonna’s success even when she released album projects that were far more dance-centric, for example, 1992s Erotica which was inspired by her hit single “Vogue” and collaboration with dance music innovative producer Shep Pettibone and arguably the next full-on dance album, 2005s Confessions On a Dance Floor with Stuart Price. Madonna remixed her mainstream tracks in between intervals, working with Junior Vasquez, Tracy Young, Paul Oakenfold, and Peter Rauhofer to help translate her pop to the club scene while remaining relevant to the changing tastes of the circuit devotee. Madonna has endured by always keeping one step ahead of the taste-makers and experimenting with technological sound innovations to get the sound she wants.

This begs the question… these latest examinations of “Frozen” with Sickick released in peculiar incriminates beginning with the initial drop of the first single in late 2021, followed by the series of revisits and the latest remix/rebrand entitled “Frozen On Fire” don’t feel like entirely developed tracks, or full-length songs even. The versions released capitalize on only a fraction of the original’s lyrics and/or Madonna’s vocals, and lean more into the featured guest artist’s contribution. It leaves this reimagining of “Frozen” a little cold and feeling rather “on ice” than “on fire”.

It’s a total of 180 degrees from another dance artist’s approach! While still, very much bathing in the afterglow of her hit Disco revolution Kylie Minogue has taken a revisited approach to her own catalog of dance chart-toppers. The Pop Goddess of Love has handed over one of her biggest club thumpers and given it a wild reworking, turning “Can’t Get You out of My Head” (Peggy Gou’s Midnight Remix) into a stylish crowd pleaser! The South Koren DJ and record producer dove in full-on and turned the track into a transportive house/nu-disco extravaganza worthy of the original.

The single of the remix comes in at a whopping 4 and a half minutes, compared to Madonna’s “Frozen” experiments, and is a fully-realized remix. Produced as part of a promo campaign for the Magnum brand of ice creams, Minogue’s track ironically does manage to put the Queen of Pop’s remix on ice, with its effort. Although one can’t help but wonder, as Madonna plummets toward revisiting her Greatest Hits Remixes which encapsulate an impressive career of music history and innovations if her “Frozen” remixes aren’t the tip of an iceberg set to strike on an unsuspecting audience of devotees.

Stay tuned as more develops.

Check out the music video here for FROZEN ON FIRE | by Madonna & Sickick single:

Check out the music video here for CAN’T GET OUT OF MY HEAD (Peggy Gou’s Midnight Remix) | by Kylie Minogue single:

FROZEN ON FIRE | by Madonna & Sickick | is available to download on iTunes and additional digital music store outlets. Download from iTunes here.

CAN’T GET OUT OF MY HEAD (Peggy Gou’s Midnight Remix) | by Kylie Minogue | is available to download on iTunes and additional digital music store outlets. Download from iTunes here.

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