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iTuneIN | JANET JACKSON is “Made For Now”

The First Lady of R&B/Pop gives her fans a taste of some new tunes with a jovial new single that's "Made For Now".

Janet Jackson has endeavored to maintain her pop relevance over the last decade as the commercial tide that the music icon once rode appeared to crest and come to shore. In the 80s Jackson set the tone with her quintessential (re)introduction as a performer with the landmark album Control. Yielding one of the most impressive number of hit singles by a female artist, Janet continued on a winning streak with the follow-up Rhythm Nation 1814 which combined the artist's ability to remain funky while delivering social conscious messaging; Janet started marking her territory with the auspicious Janet. dropping the "Jackson" and taking on the establishment all on her own.

There was apparently no stopping Jackson who appeared to have set herself on a trajectory to surpass the popularity of her superstar brother, Michael, who found himself dodging allegations and controversies that often distracted from the artist's music. In fact the elder Jackson recruited his younger sister to appear on the track "Scream" which marked the first time the pair partnered up and brought their super-nova level stardom to the pop spectrum. After the sudden passing of Michael Jackson, it was almost immediately assumed that Janet would be able to fill the void left by Jackson; alternatively Janet instead appeared to take a respite from the spotlight and releasing any new music. Her last album was 2015's Unbreakable and revealed a solidly grounded Janet.

Her fans of course have been holding out for the dance/pop/funk/r&b Janet Jackson that achieved her own level of icon appreciation. Jackson has herself found her personal life often fodder for the tabloids and instead of jumping back into the three-ring circus, it appeared she allowed herself to percolate and creatively delivered on her latest track. Making the festival rounds while also marking some dates on her "State of the World" Tour, Janet Jackson teamed up with reggaeton hit-maker Daddy Yanker for the bouncy "Made For Now". The single and its video reveal a worldly-immersive grove that is certain to get fans eager for what Janet Jackson may have lined-up next. Like the song suggests, it's not a comeback she's after, Janet Jackson is remaking herself for now.

"Made For Now" | Janet Jackson with Daddy Yankee the single is available now on iTunes.

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