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iTuneIN | Sean Finn & Corona THE RHYTHM OF THE NIGHT

The club anthem is given a nice new gloss from Sean Finn featuring the original vocalist that took the track to the top of the dance charts!

The year was 1994. Dance music was experiencing a renaissance and invigorating popularity brought upon by a resurgence of the club culture. Night life was booming and the circuit scene was being perpetuated across the globe. This was before the rise of EDM, the music festival magnificence that inspired and elevated the DJ/music producer to the high on heights of near god-like reverence, and techno was starting to invade the dance floor lexicon. Dance anthem artist Corona had a hit on her hands with “The Rhythm of the Night”.

Cut to 2019 and dance music is enjoy a new popularity, albeit subversive celebrity. The club scene isn’t what it used to be. Major cities are no longer drawing big room attendances, but that hasn’t prevented hit-makers like Sean Finn from reigniting interest in Corona’s club anthem and giving “The Rhythm of the Night” an injection of the contemporary. The German born Finn has joined ranks with the likes of Eric Prydz and Benny Benassi, music producers who are taking upon themselves to revive the House genre, pushing the sound to a new evolution.

Check out “The Rhythm of the Night” on iTunes here.

Listen to the remixes now…

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