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May 4th has become a national (if not an international) holiday revered by every Star Wars fans year after year. In this new age of COVID-19 isolation, the usual celebrations associated with the special day and date have had to be put on pause, but for the sake that now Disney+ is in practically every household across the country! When the subscriber-based service prepared to launch, it offered a uniquely curated experience and catalog of features that was perfectly suited for a large sect of the genre-fan population — it would have a Star Wars channel.

With so many of us sheltering at home and unable to gather proper, Disney+ is decidedly taking steps to bring fans and the entire Skywalker Saga together in one place. On Monday, May 4th Disney+ is dedicating itself to celebrating Star Wars the only way fans know-how, under the banner of “May the Fourth Be With You”. Under the circumstances, this year, Star Wars may be exactly what the world is needing right now. Disney+ will commemorate the date with the premiere of Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker completing The Skywalker Saga.

Now all nine episodes of the epic adventure cast in a galaxy far, far away can be experienced in one place, on one network, in full 4K high dynamic resolution including some bonus features. Along with the Star Wars Story: Rogue One the battle to eradicate the evil Empire and restore freedom to all, can be watched in chronological order. There’s something for every Star Wars fan! If you’re new to the fandom, you’ll want to check out the new documentary original series Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian which takes you behind-the-scenes of the hit new series.

It’s a Celebration

Ordinarily, May 4th is marked with a celebration worthy of the series, but given the self-isolation mandate currently suggesting social distancing is the best way to keep this pandemic under control, Star Wars Celebration the ultimate fan convention was canceled. Most fan conventions including San Diego Comic-Con have also been canceled for the season. In the meantime, we have Disney+ and now all the Star Wars any fan’s heart can desire is on one network!

Celebrate The Fourth…

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