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STAR TREK | A New Five Year Mission

With STAR TREK: DISCOVERY a certified hit on CBS All Access the network pens a deal with Alex Kurtzman for further exploration of the Final Frontier!

Some seasons ago, it had appeared the Star Trek brand had hit certain fatigue, enough so that it needed an infusion to resuscitate the franchise. Handed into the capable hands of J. J. Abrams and his creative think tank Star Trek emerged a hit getting the reboot treatment and ushering it into the hands of a new generation. Since then and two theatrical sequels later, CBS the network that owns the rights to the long-lived legacy, the request came in that Star Trek should return to television!

The network had turned to Alex Kurtzman part of Abrams team of collaborators to help inspire the next phase of the franchise’s resurrection and since its debut Star Trek: Discovery has won the hearts of fans and newcomers alike. The profoundly popular first season served more twists and turns than even the feature films could have delivered, and left fans truly handing on when the cliffhanger guaranteed that when Season 2 debuts it will reintroduce the classic into the mainstream.

The new season of Star Trek: Discovery is currently in production, and following some very exciting casting notices fans gear up for its return in 2019. Even the current creative shake-ups behind-the-scenes haven’t deterred anticipation, but most enterprising (if you’ll pardon the pun) is the news that veteran writer-producer Alex Kurtzman and series co-creator of Star Trek: Discovery has entered into a five-year creative contract to bring more Star Trek to television. Kurtzman who has assumed the roll of showrunner for Season 2 will also be adding to the Trek universe.

CBS has given the creative lease to produce at least one new series, animation and some mini-series set in the world of Star Trek. Among some of the more exciting news is the speculation that Patrick Stewart the actor who appeared as Capt. Jean Luc Picard in the spin-off Star Trek: The Next Generation may return to the captain’s chair headlining in Kurtzman’s new series. Whether that’s true remains to be seen, but it is exciting news that potentially will bring about a renaissance and return to the 24th Century of Star Trek lore.

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