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The Best of DC COMICS 2016!

With a year that’s seen the end of “the new”, the rattling a “convergence” and the sudden return to “rebirth” DC COMICS announces its “Best of 2016” with an unprecedented number of titles on sale in their digital library!

It’s been a banner year for DC Comics and to prove it the publishing giant has just announced its picks of the “Best of 2016” with an incredible up to 60% off on some great digital downloads available through their eBooks Store. Among the collected volumes on sale, stories of incredible magnitude and others more intimately driven character portrayals made the least, a very potent look at some of the “Women of DC” in the year of the 75th Anniversary of the Amazing Amazon, Wonder Woman.

Earth Shattering Events! This year was marked by the close of the significantly radical reboot “The New 52” that relaunched many of the imprint’s titles and redesigned its major players including a sizable overhaul of their personal histories. The chief storyline appearing in Justice League: The Darkseid War concluded by capitalizing on the epic confrontation between two of the multiverse’s most powerful adversaries and the Justice League was caught in the middle of it all.

Comics great Geoff Johns also concluded his run on the series that reinvigorated the pantheon of heroes for contemporary readers. Justice League Vol 7: The Darkseid War by Johns and Jason Fabok was the most anticipated event of the year and tied-up many of the loose ends dangling ever since the group was brought together by Darkseid. After the events of the “Forever Evil” arc, readers were bracing themselves for the arrival on Earth-0 of the Anti-Monitor, but even this classic villain was reimagined inline with the new continuity.

“The Darkseid War” brought these two powerhouses together for one final confrontation with the highest stakes hanging in the balance. “The Darkseid War” also shook up the Justice League line-up with the appearance of Mister Miracle and Jessica Cruz, the new Power Ring finally taking her place alongside the Earth’s Greatest Heroes. As a sidebar to the events in this series arc, also available at a reduced price Justice League: The Darkseid War - Power of the Gods the companion piece collects all six issues in the mini-series.

What happens when a god falls? New Gods walk the earth and with Darkseid’s final fate still yet to be determined his power shifts among the members of the league. This is Batman, Superman, the Flash, Green Lantern, Shazam! and Lex Luthor like we’ve never seen them before! Written by various artists including Peter J. Tomasi and Rob Williams “The Darkseid War - Power of the Gods” beautifully sets the pace for the final act in this cosmic tale! These are the stories you’d expect from DC Comics with heroes as mighty as the Justice League.

Enter Rebirth! Given the impact of “The New 52” and the multiverse-moving delivery of “Convergence” which brought back many classic favorites, many questions followed and the revelations inside Superman: Lois and Clark by Dan Jurgens reveal the stunning truth of the existence of the pre-New 52 power couple here on earth! Little could they have imagined the hand that fate would soon be dealing them when a titan falls, and Superman is called upon once again to take to the skies! Superman: Lois and Clark is must-reading leading into “Rebirth”.

Another amazing story arc that leads right into the current “Rebirth” is Titans Hunt by Dan Abnett which reexamines the missing origins of DC Comics favorite sidekicks the Teen Titans! All grown-up the one-time members of this group of champions, learns that 10 years of their lives have been eradicated and most significantly one among them has been missing ever since the multiverse rewrote itself, but why and who’s behind it! Titans Hunt the eight-issue mini-series is captured in one volume and opens the gate to the next big adventure!

And this is just a rattling of some of the titles awaiting fans! Full volumes featuring Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash and more are awaiting for you to add them to your digital library! Visit the DC Comics Store now! The sale ends on Jan. 3, 2017

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