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The Evolution of the Superhero Vehicle

Have wheels, will travel! From the BATMOBILE to the GOBLIN GLIDER every superhero (or arch nemesis) has often needed a personalized mode of transportation to complete their mission!

Getting around Gotham City has never been an issue for billionaire turned Dark Knight detective Bruce Wayne, but there were times when a souped up Mercedes coupe just wasn’t enough! To take down the criminal element in his caped and cowled alter-ego, Batman has relied on several methods of transportation in his unending battle! The Batmobile has become just as iconic a figure and an unmistakably unique addition to the hero’s mythology, and ever since its introduction in the comics circa 1941, the vehicle has been reimagined and retooled through the ages.

To prove that the Caped Crusader isn’t alone when it comes to upping his arsenal to buck the trends and keep one mile ahead of the bad guys, a recently released graphic from NetEnt Stalker takes an interestingly dynamic look at not only the Batmobile but Captain America’s motorcycle, the Green Goblin’s glider and other memorable modes of transportation. Besides the seven sleek examples of the Batmobile through the ages — from comics, to TV, to film — the graphic also details the evolution of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier from the page to the screen.

For more than just the casual enthusiast, the graphic gives an excellent over overview of how the technology has evolved especially given the Green Goblin’s first broomstick, to the highly weaponized arsenal onboard the glider the villain uses in Spider-Man. Which is your favorite? Check out the entire graphic on NetEnt Stalker here!

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