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The Return of DC Comic's World's Finest...MIDNIGHTER AND APOLLO Reunite!

DC Comic’s World’s Finest Couple Strike Back! MIDNIGHTER AND APOLLO Six-Issue Miniseries to Premiere in Oct!

Rising above the storylines that put the traditional DC Comics heroes in the spotlight in 2015 the mightiest punches were dealt by the unlikeliest among the pantheon’s hierarchy. Writer Steve Orlando brought the battle-hungry Midnighter out from behind the curtain, and moved the dark cowled avenger into the spotlight. After a very successful run headlining his own title, when the series came to a close, the Midnighter was reunited with his one-time teammate Apollo and now the pair are reuniting for an upcoming six-issue miniseries.

Midnighter and Apollo #1 debuts in a month, hitting newsstands on October 5th and has Orlando taking up the story with the two headliners picking up right where they left off…and that would include as the premiere gay couple in comics. “Midnighter and Apollo is the book we need right now,” says Orlando, “as comics' most iconic queer couple face down a new enemy and show us that we can never give in to fear, hatred, and evil.” Since their time as former founding members of the heroic team The Authority readers have become invested in the pair and their relationship.

Individually they are a formidable force, but together they will prove unstoppable! Midnighter went toe-to- toe during his series run with Batman’s protege Dick Grayson, and proved himself of the imprint’s most interesting characters to emerge out of “The New 52” rebrand, but many fans were anxiously holding out for the return of Apollo, and especially have these two rekindle their chemistry. Orlando is promising that this new adventure will be explosive! “It’s a knockdown, drag out, DC Universe western revenge thriller that starts kicking from page one!”

If the above preview pages are any indication Midnighter and Apollo fans are in for some more of the traditional butt-kicking adventure we've all come to expect from Midnighter -- fortunately Apollo will be around to give his partner some added firepower as they take on all sorts of new threats!

Midnighter and Apollo #1 debuts October 5th. Midnighter Vol. 1: Out is available now, and Midnighter Vol. 2: Hard arrives on October 19th in comic book stores and October 25th wherever books are sold from DC Comics.

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