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THE WALKING DEAD Season Finale! “The First Day…”

It’s come to this! After one of the most dangerous and dark seasons of its entire run, the Seventh Season of THE WALKING DEAD leads to a climatic end in “The First Day of the Rest of Your Life”.

(Warning! Spoilers Ahead:) Is Sasha experiencing her entire life as it nears its final moments? The ominous open to the Season 7 finale of The Walking Dead is already making things terribly uneasy for fans. Negan still has her prisoner and is trying to convince her to turn against her friends — all she has to do is choose one. One of them has to die!

Meanwhile Dwight, one of Negan’s top guys,  has turned traitor — or so he says — and has presented Rick and his allies a plan to finally take down the Saviors. So it begins! The beginning of the end! The most tense story arc ever to take hold of a popular series in primetime and plunge its audience into an unmitigated death spiral that would last this long.

It’s been unprecedented indeed, but this is the world of The Walking Dead and in the zombie apocalypse when expectations should be really, the AMC Original Series has proven that it can still surprise. Rick had apparently rallied plenty of support to take on the Saviors, including some help from the shifty looking Scavengers.

Having ended up borrowing a weapons cache from Oceanside, and arming the Scavengers may have ultimately not been the smartest move after all. The confrontation between Negan and Rick was all season building to this moment; the two leaders have completely different ideas of how to survive, and living under Negan’s boot is just not living.

It’s no surprise that the battle goes the way that it does (ultimately) and that in a crafty twist utilizing story editing that juxtaposes Sasha’s relevancy during this entire final act — she becomes the secret weapon that turns the tide, and proves just how big a coward Negan is. The citizens of Alexandria are joined by the Hilltop and The Kingdom — in the nick of time.

And oh…there’s also a tiger. Eugene seems to have turned on his friends, though it appears that he may have been instrumental in synching Sasha’s Trojan attack at the last minute, so do we rule him out?

The final monologue, the “eulogy” that Maggie delivers explains it all, and also vindicates the audience’s depth and dedication to this show, that isn’t about zombies. It’s about the human condition, what inspires it survive despite the circumstances. To survive you accumulate a family along the way, and Maggie knows that especially since the fallen Glenn served best at exemplifying that ideal.

So Negan is repelled from Alexandria, with the combined help of a new family that’s emerged — together now Rick along with The Kingdom and the Hilltop will have to stand together, for the battle has only begun. With the climax of Season 7 reach its apex, now we have months to anticipate Season 8, and the 100th episode of The Walking Dead.

Thanks for bringing the tiger.

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