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This Season | AMERICAN HORROR STORY Brings the "Apocalypse"

It’s the end of the world! Time for a new season of television’s most daringly disturbing hit when American Horror Story returns for Season 8 it will (possibly) tie-up every loose end over the series mythology!

With every passing season of the hit anthology series American Horror Story the narrative has shifted and repurposed to address a particular social anxiety or deep ingrained fear. That was on display front and center in last season’s “Cult” which took the nation’s post-election woes and bared them naked into perhaps one of the series’ most intricately complex and frightening arcs yet, inspiring a splattering of Emmy-nominations and several other accolades. With the newest installment, it appears that all hell has broken loose.

Series creator Ryan Murphy has expertly taken to social networking to tease the overall theme and direction that Season 8 would be taking, and with the release of the Official Trailer, audiences get there first glimpse at the dark times ahead on American Horror Story: Apocalypse.

The trailer suggests that following the events of Season 7’s “Cult” the world has been torn asunder and it truly has heralded the “end of days”. Most of the series ensemble players will be returning, including some favorites from the show’s inaugural introduction “Murder House”. In fact “Apocalypse” may illustrate best the links of convergence that unite all these anthology tales of terror!

The new season of American Horror Story: Apocalypse returns to FX on Wed, Sept. 12.

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