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Trailer | GAME OF THRONES Final Season Teaser

Winter may have come and gone, but for the inhabitants of George R. R. Martin’s fantasy realm the Game of Thrones is about to claim a winner…and the winner may be the audience of HBO’s hit series after all.

Evil comes! As many recall from the Season 7 finale the White Walkers have penetrated the icy wall protecting the North! Now all bets are off and war will begin.

While the big baby boy who would be king sits in the White House appropriating the savvy campaign strategy the folks at HBO have designed around the upcoming final season of their hit series Game of Thrones it hasn’t diminished the enthusiasm surrounding the return of one of television’s most watched genre shows. After eight seasons the fantasy series based on the book series by acclaimed writer George R. R. Martin that took the cable network (and the world) by storm will be signing off, but not before taking fans on one more journey.

The thrilling Seventh Season of the series set in motion a crescendo of events that have gone beyond the tales that Martin has narrated over the course of his still evolving books. In fact, the original series has benefitted from diverging from many of the established dictums of the story, though never too far as to offend even the most hardcore of the fandom. The series showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss have remained faithful to the world of Westeros that Martin has birthed, especially the drama of its densely populated inhabitants.

When the series debuted on the cabler, no one could have imagined the phenomenon it would become introducing a mainstream audience to the fantasy-laden landscape and the warring parties hungrily seeking control over the seat of power — never imagining the looming threat that was coming for all of them just beyond a believed impenetrable wall. It should set as an example to that fool in Washington of how powerless one can be when even vengeance has a way of toppling any empire.

One of these Starks holds the fate of their world in their hands. Which one will ascend to the seat of the Iron Throne and rule them all?

Tease Me Not

The teaser trailer reveals the series last three Starks standing, and any one of them might be expendable when the adventure returns in April promising to deliver on a finale for the ages. The network has already announced that a prequel series is in the works, and many industry insiders have rumored that the cable network hasn’t ruled out a possible transition to the big screen for the Game of Thrones franchise. Undoubtedly fans will flocking to the cineplexes in droves seeking to fill every available seat that will bring them closer to the Iron Throne.

Watch the Game of Thrones Season 8 teaser trailer here:

Game of Thrones Season 8 premieres April 14 on HBO #ForTheThrone #HBO #TheFanzite #GOT

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