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The classic that redefined the horror-film genre is prepping to scare up an entirely new generation. This HALLOWEEN the thrills and chills will be courtesy of none other than Jamie Lee Curtis, the original Scream Queen!

The night he came home. The tagline to creator/director John Carpenter’s 1978 classic horror film changed the way audiences gathered in darkened theaters — suddenly the experience became incredibly interactive. It begins from the eerie perspective of a pair of eyes through a Halloween clown mask as the gruesome murder of a young woman unfurls before our eyes. By the time we’ve had a moment to collect ourselves from that horror, the murderer is revealed…a six year-old named Michael Myers!

40 years later after a mad slaughter on his hometown, Michael Myers will return on the night that made him a nightmarish urban legend, on October 19th Halloween returns to the big screen, and it’s brining back the original Scream Queen! Jamie Lee Curtis returns to the role that made her a star, reprising her role as Laurie Strode, the only survivor of Michael Myers’ bloodlust, but can even Laurie escape her psychotic serial killer brother’s rage when he dons the mask to exact his terror on the small town of Haddonfield, Illinois and finish what he started.

This will also mark the first time that Carpenter will be returning to the franchise that he started, as he steps into the role of executive producer, raising many fan expectations that after several sequels and reboot Halloween is back on track to scare audiences once again! This film promises to examine a bit more of Myers’ psyche, though not as intricately as the films created by Rob Zombie which were largely regarded by the fandom as too “far out” from the enigma and force of nature that first appeared on the screen.

Here is the first trailer for Halloween which hits theaters in October:

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