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Although audiences will have to wait until the film is properly exhibited in 2021, but here now is our “First Look” at Halloween Kills which reunites Jamie Lee Curtis with the object of all of our nightmares!

It would appear that Halloween was rescheduled after all. The frightfully festive annual celebration that gets all manner of garish ghouls out for a haunt appears to have also been preempted by the global pandemic — that of course applied to all the horror film releases that usually storm the floodgates of the cineplex this time of year. Although many of the features that were anticipated to hit the big screen have found their audiences as digital movie premieres like the Blumhouse release of The Craft: Legacy and the action flick Love and Monsters starring Dylan O’Brien, there was one very obvious exception to the season…

In 2018, director David Gordon Green was determined to resurrect a horror classic franchise, and along with his writing partner Danny McBride, the pair pitched Halloween to the actress that has been forever connected to the mythology and introduced in John Carpenter’s original low-budget slasher film. To their surprise, Jamie Lee Curtis was completely onboard, and even though she herself participated in and starred in several installments of the film franchise (including the 20-years later reboot) there was something about their story that pulled her back into the fold. Halloween would be reborn!

David Gordon Green and Danny McBride did away with the varied directions and threads of the original’s sequels and even detached themselves from the H20 reboot as if it had never happened. They made contemporary the mythology of the psychopathic murderer Michael Myers and didn’t attempt to make him a sympathetic character as filmmaker Rob Zombie has tried in his reimagining of the story. No, what got Curtis’ attention was the idea that her Laurie Strode was the only survivor of the madman’s Halloween haunt — and it tarnished her existence. He turned her into something else. Along with Judy Greer and newcomer Andi Matichak they faced the fear again — 40 years later…on the night that Michael Myers returned home.

Now, Michael’s revenge is imminent in the next installment of the horror franchise in Halloween Kills. The first teaser trailer for the film appears to pick up right where the last film ends, as the final girls, including Curtis’ Laurie Strode, her daughter, and granddaughter, ride in the back of a truck that has rescued them from the inferno engulfing Strode’s home. It was there that the three generations of survivors made the final stand against the evil incarnate of Michael Myers, and apparently trapped him in the cellar as the entire structure burned, though it isn’t long before the silence is broken by the terrible sounds of sirens heading toward the blaze — and their screams go unnoticed.

The feature was expected to hit theaters last month, but as with several other major blockbuster offerings, it was pushed back due to the global pandemic. The studio dedicating to having the film properly exhibited has announced it will be released instead in 2021.

See the trailer for Halloween Kills here:

Halloween Kills | starring Jamie Lee Curtis | is coming to theaters October 15, 2021.


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