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Trailer | I AM GROOT Season 2

A “First Look” Feature

A second season of everyone’s ever-loving, ever-growing Guardian of the Galaxy begins in September with the return of “I AM GROOT” series of animated shorts flowering exclusively on Disney+

The Guardians of the Galaxy big-screen adventures may have concluded (at least for the moment) with the release of the third volume of the cinematic blockbuster, but there are apparently tales still to tell about many of the space-faring heroes. Marvel Studios has apparently gone back to the root of it all and revisited one among the roster of Guardians who proved a fan-favorite especially when he was just a sprout. In the series of animated shorts, I Am Groot the lovable geranium with an attitude had the spotlight all to himself, and Groot is back for more.

Season 2 with 5 all-new episodes will begin streaming exclusively on Disney+ on September 6 and will likely continue to feature the mischief-making mini Groot as he explores new worlds and comes face-to-face with an all-new collection of colorful creatures. Writer/director Kristen Lepore is once again at the helm of the hijinks, and voice actor Vin Diesel will be reprising his role. Disney made the announcement of the upcoming new season, appropriately enough in honor of the National Tree Day holiday which is recognized on the first Sunday of August.

Get your #FansEyeView of the Official Trailer here:

Marvel Studios I AM GROOT | Season 2 is streaming exclusively on Disney+ beginning September 6.

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