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Trailer | JUSTICE LEAGUE: The Snyder Cut

The league is coming together, just as director Zack Snyder had always intended as the first full-length trailer for JUSTICE LEAGUE: The Snyder Cut is revealed at DC Fandome and it’s got a dark side!

This weekend marked the launch of the DC Fandome a global online experience to celebrate all things DC related and across all mediums, which will come to a relief to the many hardcore fans who had to do without a San Diego Comic-Con this season due to the coronavirus pandemic. Director Zack Snyder who has taken great stock in expanding the DC cinematic universe since reintroducing Superman on the big screen, in 2013’s Man of Steel starring Henry Cavill.

Snyder would follow up the reboot with Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice which brought the DC trinity of heroes, Superman (Cavill), Batman (Ben Affleck), and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) to the blockbuster sequel that would launch the team movie Justice League. Unfortunately, a personal tragedy led to Snyder leaving the film, and although it was largely complete (ready to move into special effects and post), WB, the studio releasing the film wasn’t altogether pleased with this first pass. The reins were handed over to Joss Whedon, and we all know how that turned out.

Thanks to a remarkable online campaign by fans, Justice League: The Snyder Cut will finally see the light of day. Coming to the newly minted HBO Max subscriber platform, Snyder along with support from Deborah Snyder, the movie’s executive producer (and his wife) the pair have brought their post team together and revisited footage and have pieced together the film as they had envisioned all along. During DCFS2020 event, Snyder took questions from fans as well as the cast of the film and even provided audiences with its first official trailer:

Check out the trailer for Justice League: The Snyder Cut here”

Take Two!

Set against Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” (which also featured in Snyder’s other DC comics to film adaptation of the best-selling graphic novel Watchmen) the trailer immediately proves what fans have suspected all along — a lot of Snyder’s original vision ended up on the cutting room floor. The trailer gives us a clear view of the film’s true “big bad” as Darkseid raises a lethal blow across a war-torn wasteland with the remnants of a Hall of Justice. The trailer also sets up a better extrapolation of our heroes, which looks at them on their way to becoming the league.

The much-lauded Superman in his Black Suit shot is also featured, as is shot of Victor Stone, the man who would become more machine as Cyborg (Ray Fisher) as a star footballer, and the appearance of speedster Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) rescuing Kiersey Clemons who was cast as Iris West, and was announced would play a more prominent role in the upcoming Scarlet Speedster’s solo film. The trailer undoubtedly served up the excitement for the new cut, which many fans argue is the truer and purer vision that Zack Snyder had intended all along.

JUSTICE LEAGUE: The Snyder Cut is expected to premiere on HBO MAX in early 2021 and will also have an additional broader release, which has not yet been determined but one would assume will include a proper 4K Ultra HD video release.

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