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Trailer | SCREAM

One of the greatest horror franchises is coming back and begging audiences to SCREAM again! In the “First Looks” from the set, Neve Campbell and Courtney Cox are returning to Woodsboro stalking a deranged killer that is closer to home than any of them can imagine!

What’s your favorite scary movie? Those words first uttered in the opening act of 1996s original Scream heralded the Modern Era’s reexamination of the genre entirely. Kevin Williamson’s script hit Hollywood like wildfire and when it landed director Wes Craven at the helm, it was the perfect recipe for a blockbuster franchise. Starring relative newcomer Neve Campbell with Courtney Cox and David Arquette rounding out the core trilogy, the story follows then high schooler Sidney Prescott who is the lightning rod for a series of serial killers determined to taunt and torture Sidney and her friends using the popular horror movie tropes to deadly effect.

Neve Campbell (“Sidney Prescott”), left, and Courteney Cox (“Gale Weathers”) star in Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Media Group's "Scream."

With 3 subsequent installments, the franchise survived the trilogy factor and was given a rebirth in the new millennium with an unprecedented fourth chapter that eloquently revived the series even bringing back its trinity for another bow. Now a decade after Scream 4 it’s time to return to Woodsboro, the small California suburb where it all started in Scream — just Scream. For the fifth outing in the horror-film franchise that redefined the way Hollywood approached and marketed the slasher film. A new generation of young victims are being methodically hunted in the town where Ghostface made his mark, and it could be anyone connected to Sidney Prescott or someone inside her circle.

The last film cut very close to home and pushed the genre-gimmick to the extreme by landing a psycho-seeking celebrity by profiting off of the pattern of Ghostface’s previous murder sprees — and venturing to take down the original cast along the way! Scream 4 presented fans with the perfect convergence of events with the original main cast, Williamson and Craven all back, though sadly it would be Wes Craven’s last film in the series. The beloved filmmaker passed away and many imagined that signaled the final Scream, but we haven’t heard the last of Ghostface…not yet!

The next film “reboot” is written by James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick and will be directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett. It’s twenty-five years since the brutal slayings that shook the town of Woodsboro and Ghostface is targeting a new group of teenagers resurrecting secrets from its past. Campbell, Cox, and Arquette will be reprising their roles from the series, but Scream although continuing the mythology will largely carve a new course forward with Melissa Barrera, Kyle Gallner, and Mason Gooding leading the charge.

Check out the teaser trailer here:

SCREAM | will premiere in theaters on January 14, 2022.

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