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Trailer | WONDER WOMAN 1984

The cast of the much anticipated blockbuster WONDER WOMAN 1984 gathered together at the DC Fandome Global Experience to bring fans the latest look at the Amazing Amazon’s next big-screen adventure and why it’s worth the wait!

At his weekend’s DC Fandome the online global online experience made good on its promise to bring DC fans up close and personal with their favorite superheroes from across all media. Among the major announcements at the event, fans got their first look at the upcoming Justice League: The Snyder Cut and Robert Pattinson as The Batman. Among the additional cinematic headlines was news on the reboot of Suicide Squad and the newest trailer from the most anticipated movie of the season Wonder Woman 1984.

Director Patty Jenkins was on hand along with the film’s star Gal Gadot to introduce the newest trailer from the film. Joining them on the panel were Chris Pine and the villains of WW84 Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal who portray the dangerous Cheetah and the mastermind Maxwell Lord. The trailer gave audiences their first look at The Cheetah in action!

Check out the trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 here:

Fans were hoping that due to the movie's continuous release delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the studio would also announce that it would be available to stream, but director Patty Jenkins stands firm that their belief is that the movie is best represented on the cinematic screen, and instead would prefer to debut it in theaters.

WONDER WOMAN 1984 is coming to a theater near you.

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