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UnBoxing | BATMAN: SUPREME KNIGHT from Mezco Toyz

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

The evolution of the Dark Knight comes full-circle in Mezco Toys newest release Batman: Supreme Knight a phenomenally original homage to the unrelenting legacy of one of DC Comics cornerstone icons.

What is it about the Dark Knight? The hero with a legacy that spans the length of eight decades has emerged in the pop-culture lexicon as one of the more defining mythic archetypes in all forms of contemporary media. Since the character’s introduction in Detective Comics #27, May 1939, The Batman has captured the imagination, leaping from the page as easily as the masked crime-fighter scaled the sprawling rooftops of his fabled Gotham City. The brainchild of the artist of Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger, The Batman was invariably unique!

His origins are forged in the darkest shadows of his own despair. As a young boy, he witnesses the cold-blooded murder of his parents, and now orphaned the heir of a philanthropic empire, Bruce Wayne decides to dedicate his entire life to seeking justice. Determined to be “the best” he trains his body as severely as he trains his mind, adopting as many forms of physical combat, like diving into the deepest mysteries of criminal detection and the psyche — it is there that Wayne decides in order to wage his battle he must become something else, something far more frightening.

The Batman. In stark contrast to many of his contemporaries, The Batman uses the night and the darkness as a weapon of stealth. Understanding that crooks and criminals are mostly a superstitious and fearful lot, he uses the silhouette of a bat, to strike fear in the hearts of his adversaries. On leathery wings, The Batman swings from skyscrapers and gothic gargoyles that adorn the ledges of Gotham’s architectural structures to descend with the moon at his back and strikes! The Batman has evolved and adapted, emerging evermore intriguing with each passing decade.

The Supreme Knight

The leading high-end action figure line produced by Mezco Toyz has always pushed the expectations of adult collectors; with their startling innovations and careful attention to detail, their famously collectible One:12 Collective series features beautifully crafted action figures in a sturdy 1:12 scale. Each figure is sturdy enough for pose-and-play action, but certainly, make perfect collectible display items, and their latest release is no exception! The BATMAN: Supreme Knight Action Figure is the newest One:12 Collective celebrating 80 Years of Batman.

Inspired Frank Miller’s interpretation of Batman as he appeared in the classic 1986 graphics novel series The Dark Knight Returns this is a weathered warrior, aching to get back into the fight, but who’s experienced has hardened him into a “Supreme Knight”. The gun-metal grey kevlar armor and black accents, from the more menacing gauntlets, to the toughened trends of his boots, this design conveys the brutality of Miller’s dystopian Gotham — a city that is crying out for justice. Mezco Toyz’s action figure captures the spirit of a Bruce Wayne primed for combat.

Celebrating the 80th Anniversary of The Batman’s first appearance, Mezco Toyz has joined the party with several ideally designed figures in their One:12 Collective line that reflect, The Batman’s legacy across mediums. This latest release takes us into the Dark Knight’s future, with the Batman: Supreme Knight added to your collection, you can own one of the most complete examinations of Batman’s history. Also available in the 1:12 scale and fully packaged with an arsenal ready for battle…

Batman: Sovereign Knight and Batman: Ascending Knight pay homage to the Dark Knight in a contemporary design, while the latter looks to a modernized realization of The Batman as introduced in the Golden Age of Comics. The line also featured variant designs and alternative color schemes inspired by the Silver Age looks and the full-noir Black kevlar-looks from DC “Dark Age” which lead to the revitalized, and more practical look of the “The New 52” and suggestive of the “Sovereign Knight” armor.

Mezco Toyz’s Supreme Knight is packaged in a sturdy window box, measuring approximately 6.5 inches in height, with over 30 points of articulation, and features three (3) head portraits. The figure also comes loaded with hyped-up crime-fighting gear worthy of a “Supreme Knight” including a formidable dual-blade folding karambit, large Batarang, grappling gun, and “equalizer” cannon. The figure also comes with an interchangeable cape that can be molded into shape, and a display base with logo.

BATMAN: Supreme Knight | Mezco Toyz | $85.00 available now from all major online retailers.

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