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Unboxing :: DC Collectibles ICON Figures DARKSEID & GRAIL Deluxe 2-Pack

DC Comics Collectibles continues to deliver on some of the better high-quality releases on the market and their ICON line which explores characters and designs from all across the DC Comics legacy has exceeded all expectations with its latest issue with its special edition deluxe 2-pack featuring DARKSEID & GRAIL as the pair were seen in the Justice League: The Darkseid War arc that wrapped up "The New 52" line.

Coming in at 12" DARKSEID is proportionately the largest in the line (certainly at present) and features several points of articulation with interchangeable hands. The sculpt is based on the character's appearance during the Justice League: The Darkseid War arc and is designed by Ivan Reis based on the interpration of the villain by Jason Fabok. In comparison to the previous release of Darkseid that inaugurated "The New 52" line, this figure features a far more elegant shape and much more intimidating physicality giving the ruler of Apokolips plenty of menace!

Darkseid's scowl in evident and woe the adversary that will find themselves under this New God's boot. Characteristically befitting one the DC Comics Multiverse greatest menaces, the DC Collectibles ICON figure is hefty and ready for battle, but Darkseid is not alone! This "Deluxe" edition 2-pack also includes a new threat to the Justice League, in the form of Darkseid's own daughter GRAIL. The deadly half-Amazon is at the epicenter of the conflict during The Darkseid War which shifted the balance of power between two of the multiverse's most powerful beings.

Born on the same night as Hippolyta's own daughter Diana, Wonder Woman -- Grail is a fierce, blood-thirsty combatant -- their fates intertwined, Grail delivers her father Darkseid into the waiting hands of his nemesis, and manipulates the Justice League into the fray! Torn between her two heritages Grail is dressed in her battle-garb and detailed leather straps, clearly in homage to the decadent of Darkseid. An anarchist the figure is poised and prepared to take on Wonder Woman as well as tangle with the invading forces of Apokolips.

Grail comes fully-accessorized and also multiple points of articulation and is properly fitted with her signature cropped close haircut on one side, packaged with her formidably menacing battle axe that the figure can properly grip with her interchangeable hands. You can also fit Grail with her weather Pancho that bears the insignia of Darkseid, the Omega seal revealing her true allegiance.

The Grail action-figure is approximately 6" tall and maintains her proper proportions to keep in line with the rest of the DC Collectibles ICONS 1:12 scale action figures. DC Comics Collectibles ICONS - DARKSEID & GRAIL Deluxe 2-pack retails for $100 and is available for immediately delivery from the DC Comics Shop. Visit to order your set now.

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