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UnBoxing | DC Multiverse REVERSE-FLASH Action Figure

The Scarlet Speedster’s most nefarious arch-enemy takes shape as one of McFarlane Toys’ latest releases! Joining the DC Multiverse is the REVERSE-FLASH Action Figure the newest addition in the growing line of high-end collectibles based on the comic book icons!

The Flash’s worst nightmare is back! No matter how many different shapes he may take, Eobard Thawne, The Reverse-Flash will always be the fly in the ointment to Central City’s greatest champion. Whether in the classic pages of the DC Comics, animated adventures or in the live-action primetime universe, the nefarious time-traveler has always posed the greatest threat to Barry Allen and his friends and family. It isn’t until the climatic double-sized final issue of The Flash #350 that The Flash and Iris West ultimately bring him down.

The Reverse-Flash, Professor Zoom, Eobard Thawne is a timeless enemy captured once again in the palm of your hand to rest at the ready on your shelf in this latest exciting action figure.

The villain has never made canary yellow look so menacing! And now that McFarlane Toys has claimed the copyright to materialize the characters from the comics, movies, television, and all forms of media, the latest line of action figures have achieved a height of detail and collectibility that is keeping eagle-eyed fans out and eager for every single new release. The latest in the DC Multiverse line includes none other than The Reverse-Flash as inspired by the villain’s appearance in the “DC Rebirth” storyline.

With over 22 points of articulation and measuring inline with the average 6.5” height of figures in the DC Multiverse brand, The Reverse-Flash also includes various special-effect “speed force” accessories and a display stand. It’s important to note that the figure’s body is a recasting of The Flash action figure that inaugurated the toy line accurately replicating the bad guy’s reverse color and details, with the exception of facial sculpts and the left hand. Given the interpretation of the character generated from the “DC Rebirth” interpretation of the bad guy, it’s all good!

Live-Action Figure!

Eobard Thawne has always been portrayed as a glorified fan-gone-wrong during the villain’s initial comic book introduction, but it wasn’t until he was reimagined in the new millennium by Geoff Johns as the ultimate antithesis of Barry Allen and his heroic speedster alter ego, that he achieved an entirely new threat-level degree in the rogue’s gallery. The now-classic “Flashpoint” storyline presented him as a hateful monster who goes to any length to erase The Flash, in fact altering the timeline and changing history.

Audiences also experience the big bad ascend to a new height of villainy in the DC TV primetime universe, when Thawne is portrayed as the duplicitous version of Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) that exists as an integral part of Barry Allen’s (Grant Gustin) evolution as the Scarlet Speedster. In the most recent epic 5-part “Armageddon” story arc that opened up Season 8 of The Flash on The CW, the alien Despero (Tony Curran) travels from the future to stop The Flash from causing the end of the world, but in reality, it’s Thawne who has created a new “flashpoint” event disguised as Barry.

Throughout the Reverse-Flash’s history, Thawne has proven if not The Flash’s most formidable foe, he is certainly his most crafty, irrevocably connected to Barry Allen. Although Thawne has died time and time again, the Reverse-Flash has returned from the future just as many times to battle The Flash. With his connection to the Negative Speed Force, the elemental power source of the villain’s energy, the Reverse-Flash is the one constant that Barry Allen just can’t seem to outrace. Where ever or whenever their paths cross, sparks will inevitably fly!

DC MULTIVERSE REVERSE-FLASH Action Figure | from McFarlane Toys | is available now for $19.99.

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