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UnBoxing | Eaglemoss BSG | VIPER MARK II

The iconic one-man fighter revamped for the 2002 reboot of Battlestar Galactica gets the collectible treatment in the newest high-end line of models from Eaglemoss Collections.

There are only a handful of designs in the realm of the science-fiction and fantasy genre that are as readily recognizable as the starships that appeared in Battlestar Galactica. When the series was revamped in the new millennium for the SyFy Original Series, diehard fans kept the expectations low approaching with trepidation fully aware that executive producer Ronald D. Moore was taking a fresher perspective in modernizing the overall feel of the show based on the 1978 run.

Inevitably the series emerged a ratings hit for the network and actually jumpstarted the “reboot” phenomenon. Moore’s team of creatives held close to many of the originals groundbreaking elements, largely inspired by the success of the Star Wars films, and chief among those designs was the primary starfighter enlisted to defend the heroic fleet against the advancing centurion opponents. The ship tasked with that effort was the Colonial Fleet’s space superiority fighter, the Viper.

Eaglemoss Collections through Hero Collector has continued to provide the fandom with high-end merchandise and inaugurated its latest line Battlestar Galactica The Official Ships Collection with the Viper Mark II as it appeared in the 2002 reboot. Keeping with a traditional of excellence, the model itself measures in at nearly 11 inches and is expertly detailed, made of die-cast metal and high quality ABS plastic material. The starfighter sits balanced on a display stand and is significantly weighed to keep it properly settled.

Ships In The Line

The Viper Mark II bears the insignia of the Battlestar Galactica and the call signs of Captain Kara Thrace, “Starbuck” the fan-favorite character played by Katee Sackhoff on the series. As audiences recall, the Viper played a significant role in the ultimate climax of the series’ arc. The 16-page magazine that accompanies the model details the backstory of the design team’s inspiration for reimagining design, while staying faithful to the original. Moore was determined, as were the network executives that if any ship would closely resemble the original it was the Viper.

Although the Mark II is ultimately replaced by the more advanced Mark VII as the first line of defense against the Cylons, the Mark II are rapidly deployed into service to defend the colonial fleet and prove themselves as indispensable as ever. Eaglemoss has captured the essence of this iconic ship, the first in the Official Ships Collection that will feature designs from both the 2002 reboot and the 1970s Original Series. Follow the link below to check out the entire line available as part of the subscription service.

For the avid fan who has admired this ship design, this model will make a prize addition to any collection. Expertly styled, beautifully and accurately detailed and built to be proudly displayed it brings the excitement of this most beloved franchise to life.

Battlestar Galactica The Official Ships Collection | Viper Mark II is available through Eaglemoss Collections. Click on the link to subscribe.

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