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UnBoxing | Hasbro’s MARVEL LEGENDS Action Figures

The power of the Marvel Universe is in the palm of your hand! Hasbro continues to enhance its line of collectible action figures based on everyone’s favorite comic book characters and explores every decade with startling new assortments!

For years collectors have only wanted one thing and that is to own a piece of their favorite comic book universe. Toy manufacturers have often bought into the popularity of established franchises to give fans an all-new experience and enhance their imaginations, igniting their playability by giving them action figures based on the worlds of DC and Marvel Comics. Hasbro has held the licensing rights to the Marvel properties for years and partnered to bring many of the Disney brands, including the expanding Star Wars universe and the Marvel Cinematic world.

It’s no surprise that among the most popular commodities in the Hasbro line has been the continuously evolving line of Marvel Legends action figures. Each 6-inch, fully articulated, and accurately detailed figure is curated from the decades of comics publishing giving fans of the comics universe a veritable multiverse of characters to collect and put on their shelves. Among the most popular is the recently released line of figures celebrating 60 years of Spider-Man, and figures based on the best-selling X-Men with a version of Spidey in his Future Foundation suit and Wolverine in his late-90s outfit!

The 6” Spider-Man (Future Foundation variant) is perfectly captured and is fashioned in the black and white stealth suit that the hero is gifted when he assumes his role as a member of the Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #579, July 2010) in the absence of Johnny Storm, the Human Torch. In the comics, the suit is made of the same unstable molecules created by Reed Richards that makes the suit incredibly durable and appears at the whim of its wearer. The suit inspires a more elaborate take on Spider-Man’s symbiotic black uniform that returns with him from the first otherworldly Secret Wars.

Without a doubt, Wolverine remains one of the most popular characters in the Marvel universe, and the hero has had many costume iterations, and fans have always remained loyal even when the X-Man has adopted the uncharacteristically loud aesthetic associated with his yellow and blue original suit. In 2004 for his debut in the premiere issue of Astonishing X-Men #1, Logan’s look got a significant overhaul that blended the finesse of his classic look with the tribal colors of Xavier’s School. The Wolverine (Resurrected) action figure even features super-heated claws ready for battle.

Action Figures Forever

The Marvel Legends line is showing no signs of slowing down. Hasbro is on the verge of surpassing all fan expectations with an entirely new collection of figures based on the upcoming and highly anticipated Marvel Studios blockbuster sequel Black Panther: Wakanda Forever which is preparing to introduce a new generation of heroes and villains to the MCU. Among the new characters making their MCU debut are the Submariner, Namor, the technological Iron Heart, and Shuri assuming her place as the new Black Panther and defender of the throne.

Also handy, the Hasbro PULSE app (available on the iTunes Store) gives fans early access to major collectible pre-orders and even an opportunity for getting on the ground floor and back potential projects that are limited and often exclusive. One of the recent projects to get funded and fast-tracked included a detailed and size-accurate “Galactus” fully articulated action figure. The Devourer of Worlds is the most complex action figure created for the Marvel Legends line. To appeal to the nostalgic among us, a series is in the works based on the popular X-Men: The Animated Series

SPIDER-MAN and WOLVERINE | MARVEL LEGENDS Action Figures | Hasbro | $24.99 each | is available here and from other fine retailers.

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