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UnBoxing | Hasbro’s Marvel Legends ANGEL

A Collectible Figure Unboxing

He’s one of the originals! The high-flying avenging ANGEL joins the assembled action figure line, with a wingspan to rival any other — the Hasbro Marvel Legends reinvents the classic look of the hero that will undoubtedly become a true fan-favorite.

Marvel Legends ANGLE

Disney+ has got a bonafide hit on its hands! The recently revamped and rebooted X-Men ’97 from Marvel Animation has concluded its First Season repurposing the “greatest hits” and arcs from the late 1990s. It was an era in the mighty mutant’s popularity that inspired Marvel Comics to saturate the market with spin-offs that centered on the most popular commodity in their publishing empire. The 90s saw the sunset on the fabled run of the legendary Chris Claremont who had been beholder of the mythology since 1975 with the debut of the “all-new, all-different” line-up introduced in Uncanny X-Men #94.

Claremont and the skillful talents of Len Wein, Dave Cockrum, and John Byrne, to name a few, would usher in a new age in comics, and endear Professor Charles Xavier’s gifted students with generations of readers. What set the X-Men, in all their iterations, apart from their costumed contemporaries was the fact that they were more than a team of heroes, they were a family. Feared and hated by the world they were sworn to protect, the misfits resonated with their audience who also felt they were outcasts, different, apart from the norm. As Claremont prepared to pass the torch, the X-Men storylines achieved (yet again) new heights of popularity.

One of the cast of characters in the long line of mutant heroes that served on the team roster was none other than founding member, Warren Worthington III, otherwise known as the avenging Angel. The winged hero has the most pronounced of mutations, when as an adolescent Warren began to sprout feathered wings out of his back. When he rescued some schoolmates from a burning dorm, he simultaneously earned his name; the students thought they had been rescued by an angel. Unable to conceal his gifts, Warren turned to Professor X and enrolled in his Westchester-based School for Gifted Youngsters and became a founding member of his X-Men.

As the Angel, Warren became one of the Marvel Universe’s premiere heroic figures. He remained a key figure fighting alongside the X-Men, both old and all-new, especially during the universally cataclysmic “The Dark Phoenix Saga”. He would eventually move into other roles as one of the Los Angeles Champions and defined a tenure as one of The Defenders. The Angel reunited with the founding X-Men to form the controversial group known as X-Factor. In a consequential confrontation with the merciless minions of Mr. Sinister, The Marauders, the Angel’s wings were clipped. The temptation to regain his wings is so great, that Warren makes a pact with Apocalypse and becomes, Death, his fourth horseman.

Inevitably, Warren finds redemption and breaks free of the grip Apocalypse has on him, reclaiming his place alongside his teammates, and assuming the new identity of Archangel. Returning to the X-Men, Warren eventually deals with his inflicted trauma and his wings fully heal. Back to his feathered brilliance, the Angel once again flies high as one of the mightiest among the Earth’s Children of the Atom. It’s no wonder that this latest action figure of the character, part of Hasbro’s Marvel Legends line will undoubtedly emerge as a true fan favorite.

The action figure in all its glory.
The action figure in all its glory.


Since the advent popularity of the X-Men across all mediums including comics, animation, and live-action, there have been several versions of Angel as an action figure released and available for fans to collect. Though none have achieved the level of artistry of this latest version, which captures the hero as he was most beloved in his red and white suit with yellow halo logo prominently featured across his chest, and aerodynamic styling. This look most encapsulates the character as he appeared in the '80s, and it's a design that he’s often most comfortably returned to in contemporary storylines.

Fully articulated, the action figure’s impressive physique can be positioned in several action poses standing alongside the rest of the Marvel Legends line of characters, but his most impressive feature is the figure’s 15” wingspan which can also be collapsed to simulate the hero at rest. The wings can be positioned in flight as well and are perhaps the best-proportioned of any winged action figure produced, in this line, or others. Angel also comes with multiple hands that can be swapped out, and an additional head captures Angel widely smiling, or ready to take to battle.

Among the several new releases based on the hit series from Marvel Animation X-Men ’97, this version of Marvel’s Angel isn’t in that particular style, which was intended to present the X-Men as they appear in the series, but the Angel can still fly with the best of them and is to scale. The larger collectible packaging is larger than most, given the space needed to include the wings which are easily attached and securely fixed to the back of the figure, it also makes for a perfect display case. Very impressive and a great collectible, I highly recommend landing this figure before it flies off the shelves.

The figure close up captures the hero perfectly.
The figure close up captures the hero perfectly.

Hasbro’s MARVEL LEGENDS | Marvel’s Angel Action Figure is available for purchase on Amazon and directly through Hasbro Pulse. Use this direct link for ease of purchase.

Marvel Legends ANGLE

Product Description

Bring the excitement and wonder of the Marvel Universe to your collection with Hasbro Marvel Legends Marvel's Angel figure! This collectible 6-inch scale Marvel figure is detailed to look like the character from Marvel's Uncanny X-Men comics. Marvel's Angel action figure is fully articulated with deluxe wings that can be posed to look like he is standing or flying for ultimate display potential. Marvel action figure set comes with 3 accessories to imagine different scenes with alternate heads and hands. Hasbro Marvel action figures' 6-inch scale makes them great for posing and displaying in fans' collections. Reimagine X-Men comics-inspired scenes on your shelf with Marvel Legends action figures.

Includes figure and 3 accessories.

UNCANNY X-MEN -INSPIRED MARVEL'S ANGEL: This collectible Marvel's Angel action figure is inspired by the character's appearance in Marvel's Uncanny X-Men comics

DELUXE WING DESIGN: The figure has premium character-inspired wings. Wings are fully articulated for different poses, spanning 15.6 inches long (39 cm)

MARVEL COMICS -INSPIRED ACCESSORIES: This officially licensed Hasbro Marvel Legends action figure comes with 3 accessories, including alternate head and hands

PREMIUM DESIGN AND DECO: Fans and collectors can display this premium Marvel 6-inch action figure (15 cm) with comics-inspired design and deco in their collection

DISPLAY-WORTHY ARTICULATION: Collectible action figure features over 20 points of articulation with fully poseable wings, head, arms, and legs for dynamic poses on your shelf

HIGHFLYING HERO: The high-flying Angel assists in the fight against Dark Phoenix and other threats to the X-Men, using his wings to take the battles to the sky.

BUILD A MULTIVERSE OF MARVEL COLLECTIBLES: Look for more X-Men Marvel Legends Series figures to build your own Marvel Comics Multiverse (Each sold separately. Subject to availability)

Ages 4 and up

⚠️ WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

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