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UnBoxing | Mattel’s DC Multiverse THE FLASH (1990) Action Figure

Mattel toys realizes fan’s dreams and delivers on one of the most sought after collectibles just released…THE FLASH action figure based on the 1990 Television Series!

It could be considered the Holy Grail of all collectibles! In 1990 CBS premiered The Flash in primetime based on the DC Comics superhero and starring John Wesley Shipp. The one-hour action adventure series was propelled by the theatrical success of Tim Burton’s Batman which is largely responsible for igniting the genre phenomenon, but the series produced by Danny Bilson and Paul De Meo was the first of its kind on a major network — a comic adaptation practically budgeted as a blockbuster motion picture on a weekly basis.

A critical hit, The Flash ran into several scheduling snafus in its premiere season (not exclusively among them going up against ratings mountains The Simpsons and The Cosby Show) and it ended up lasting only the one season with 22-episodes that would feature appearances by Star Wars icon Mark Hamill as the rascally rogue Trickster and co-starred Amanda Pays and Alex Désert. Double-Emmy Winner John Wesley Shipp inevitably emerged a fan-favorite and portrayed a very different Barry Allen, and would return in the 2014 contemporary reimagining on The CW.

In a cooperative with Mattel Toys, the legendary toy manufacturer has been very successful with its line of DC Multiverse Action Figures that are based on DC Comics characters from any and every iteration of the 80 year history of comic publication. A new specialty line has just been introduced and leading the charge of the newly embossed “Signature Collection” is The Flash based on the 1990 television series. It’s the first “official” action figure based on the suit built for Shipp by Stan Winston Studios and designed by Robert Short.

Cast in an impressive 6.5” height and strikingly resembling John Wesley Shipp in his hooded cowl the action figure sports the very distinct solid red boots, and features at least 32-points of articulation and interchangeable hands to help pose The Flash. The action figure is also packaged with a display stand and blister card with a graphic of Shipp in full costume perfect for displaying, especially alongside the just released 2-pack with “The New 52” version and Ezra Miller’s “The Flash” from the feature film Justice League.

Although not available widely in retail markets, the DC Multiverse “The Flash” Signature Collection action figure is open to pre-orders online, and with John Wesley Shipp making the rounds on the convention circuit this season, fans are gobbling up the collectible in the hopes of getting their’s autographed. The “Signature Collection” will include first-time action figures of Batman based on actor Val Kilmer as he appeared in the feature film Batman Forever and Wonder Woman as portrayed by Lynda Carter during her own 1970s television series.

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