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UnBoxing | Star Trek: Discovery LANDING POD | Starship Collection

The one-man auxiliary Landing Pod made its daring debut in the Second Season premiere of Star Trek: Discovery and immediately fired the imagination of fans across the quadrant. Eaglemoss captures the spirit of the space adventure with this newest model.

When Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) comes aboard the exploratory starship USS Discovery it isn’t very long before the almost-already legendary hero gets the opportunity to jump right into the action, leaving an indelible impression on the Commander Michael Burnham and the rest of the crew. The famous Starfleet captain of the USS Enterprise may have sat out most of the previous season’s war with the Klingons, but now Pike has been ordered to take command of Discovery and embark on a secret mission into space.

Commander Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) doesn’t know immediately what to make about their new commanding officer, but when the USS Discovery intercepts a derelict Starfleet hospital ship, the USS Hiawatha trapped in the gravimetric clutches of an asteroid field, Pike is determined to board the ship and bring back any survivors. In order to navigate the treacherous asteroid field, Burnham suggests they use the Landing Pod a one-man all-purpose utility craft that can spin the away team through the mine-field and onto the surface of the ship.

The Landing Pod is a fast moving gyroscopic shuttle craft, that makes an impressive introductory appearance in Star Trek: Discovery. The nimble ships are put into service once again towards the end of the season when the USS Discovery and the USS Enterprise find themselves in the crosshairs of a new enemy fleet. Burnham is able to expertly pilot the craft and even successfully initiates a rescue of her new captain when Pike’s own pod is compromised. The Landing Pod no doubt has demonstrated itself a welcome asset in USS Discovery’s auxiliary ship complement.

Ship of the Line

Obviously it made a significant enough impression with fans that Eaglemoss Collections decided the Landing Pod merited a model replica of its own. Joining the series of ships in the Star Trek: Discovery The Official Starships Collection the Landing Pod is spectacularly recreated in a sculpted replica made of a mix of die-cast metal and ABS plastic, meticulously hand-painted to recapture every detail. It is, for a one-man seated craft, impressively scaled and measures approximately 9” in length.

With the stabilizing vanes extended, the Landing Pod looks ready for action and expertly sits upon its display stand prepared for proper deployment into the most hostile arenas. Eaglemoss has gone to great lengths to recreate the ship and gives collectors a look into inside — the transparent bubbled cockpit houses the pilot’s chair and the control hub of this nibble little flight craft. I would recommend gently handling the model as the stabilizing vanes are particularly delicate looking and fragile to the touch, as to avoid snapping them off.

For the price, this officially licensed model should be articulated and replicate the gyroscopic movements, or in the least, retract the vanes into the aft section, but Eaglemoss Collections are not known for such intricacies and instead deliver a highly detailed sculpture suitable for display. This model of the Landing Pod easily enhances any fans collection and delves further into the 23rd Century technology of Star Trek: Discovery. The model is packaged in a protective blister box and includes a 16-page magazine detailing the design of the little ship.

Check out the model of the Landing Pod here:

Landing Pod | Star Trek Discovery: The Official Starships Collection | Issue 23 | Eaglemoss Collections | $54.95 available from Eaglemoss Collections here.

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