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UnBoxing | Star Trek Discovery Starship Collection

Eaglemoss Collections continues the tradition of creating for fans only the most exceptional line of starship models that now include the Federation’s all new additions with ships from Star Trek: Discovery.

We’re not giving anything away by revealing that if you’ve been watching Star Trek: Discovery long time trekkers have recently been vindicated! Their faith has paid off and the newest franchise installment has thrown a major curveball in its Season One that has had audiences — new and old — reeling with delight! The adventures of Specialist Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) may have only just begun, but the USS Discovery is destined for greatness for sure. The highly anticipated return of Star Trek to television has been met with thunderous applause.

Selectively setting themselves apart in the collectible arena Eaglemoss Collections the creators of officially sanctioned memorabilia including the expansive Star Trek Starships Collection (which includes more than 100 standard starship die-cast models, nearly a dozen “special edition” releases and now the larger XL Edition line) is expanding on its brand with the release of the Star Trek Discovery Official Starships Collection. An entirely new assortment of die-cast and resin models based on the vessels appearing in the new CBS All Access Original Series.

The premiere release is appropriately the USS Shenzhou NCC-1227 a Walker-class vessel and when DSC launches it is the ship at the center of it all. Captain Philippa Georgiou’s vessel is beautifully captured in this new model that measures nearly 8” inches in length and is expertly detailed so collectors can get a good look at the hero ship designed for the series by veteran Star Trek production artist John Eaves. The model sits rightly perched on its display stand and includes a collector’s magazine with concept art and the USS Shenzhou’s mission profile.

Designs Discovered

There was a lot about Star Trek: Discovery that immediately got the attention of fans, not withstanding the starship designs especially of its two hero ships. The USS Shenzhou and the USS Discovery chronologically are meant to belong to the same fleet as the Constitution-class USS Enterprise which is sharing the same space somewhere in the Alpha-Quadrant on its initial mission under the command of Captain Christopher Pike. The starships that have been introduced in DSC appear far more sophisticated even to the predecessor NX-01 Enterprise.

Fortunately there’s an established very good reason why the ships look so dramatically differently, and it was a theory introduced by longtime Star Trek designer John Eaves — and it’s a really good one. Eaves who has been responsible for creating designs for previous franchise television spin-offs and theatrical features, and who has had a hand in the shape of several “hero” ships was tasked with spearheading the designs of DSC two premiere vessels. He drew inspiration from aviation and most specifically from the 40’s era of “X” planes.

The theory is that these series of Starfleet ships, which have gone into service 100-years after the duly noted NX-01 commandeered by Johnathan Archer, divert dramatically from architecture that may have been heavily influenced by the Vulcan cooperative that pioneered the warp-5 designs. The USS Shenzhou and the USS Discovery including other ships in the service of the Federation in 23rd Century of Star Trek: Discovery are meant to reflect a drastic departure independent of any previous design influences, inherently far more Earth-influenced — experimental and pioneering.

Although the Constitution-class Enterprise is already setting records on its maiden voyage, the USS Shenzhou captained with distinction by Philippa Georgiou (series guest star Michelle Yeoh) is considered “past its prime” and technologically dated in comparison to the more “streamlined” Enterprise or even the experimental USS Discovery. When the ship is introduced into the show, Georgiou who has been grooming her first officer Michael Burnham for her own command, appears to almost be suggesting retiring the USS Shenzhou, that is until the reemergence of the Klingons!

Special Edition Collectible

Following the widely popular Star Trek Starships Collection XL Editions also by Eaglemoss Collections reissuing the most popular hero ships in the line cast in a more formidable scale, the Star Trek Discovery Starship Collection is taking its lead from the success of the “Special Edition” models and giving fans a larger, more detailed to scale offering to add on the shelf. Alongside the recently released XL Edition of the NX-01 Enterprise the USS Shenzhou properly assumes its place in Star Trek history and looks to confirm to continuity seamlessly.

The fan-favorite magazine that accompanies the models have also been scaled down from the Official Starships Collection fanzine size; the new 8x10 glossy presentation won’t slip easily into the established binders, but certainly provide a tighter and comprehensive look at each ship. The cover art puts the series’ CG model front and center and inside the ship’s specifications are supported by previously unreleased perspectives of the Star Trek: Discovery ships that really bring them to life. In 16-pages learn everything there is to learn about the latests ships in the fleet.

The price point is also well-suited and as an introductory offer subscriptions to the line begin at $9.99 with your first order, and each vessel in the collection will be shipped at under $50 — a 15% discount from purchasing the collection at retail price, and you’re guaranteed to not miss any new arrivals. Issue 2 continues with Captain Lorca’s USS Discovery NCC 1031 and will spotlight a dozen ships from the series including a half-dozen Federation ships that are inspired by this, the “experimental” era of Starfleet, to bring down the merciless Klingons.

Star Trek: Discovery The Official Starships Collection is available to order by visiting for exclusive subscription offers.

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