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UnBoxing | Star Trek: Online U.S.S. GAGARIN

The voyage continues and the fleet expands with the inaugural release of HeroCollector/Eaglemoss Collections new STAR TREK ONLINE Starship Collection and the introduction of the Federation battle cruiser USS Gagarin.

The Final Frontier proves an even more perilous terrain in the 25th Century of the popular multiplayer role-playing game Star Trek Online. To celebrate the continuing innovation and expansive storyline, that has well pushed the boundaries of much-established canon in Trek mythology but put the fate of the Federation in the hands of fans, HeroCollector/Eaglemoss Collections introduces a new line in its popular high-end reproductions based on the ships of the fleet.

Issue 01 of the new line centered on the vessels of Star Trek Online Starship Collection debuts with the stunning USS Gagarin NCC-97930 a versatile Federation battle cruiser, that harkens back to a design reminiscent of the Shepard-class, a ship that was in service in 2250, 10 years before the fabled voyages of the Starship Enterprise under the command of Captain James T. Kirk. The highly dexterous ship measured in-length approximately 492 meters and was serviced by a crew of 550.

The Gagarin-class was commissioned into service in 2410 and due to its advanced capabilities and modular systems, helped to replenish the fleet after the casualties suffered during the Iconian War. If this sounds obscure to most Star Trek fandom, then fear not — this is an existing storyline that is permeating the growing audience of the massive Star Trek Online role-playing and is continuing to expand especially with the advent of the latest live-action original series spin-off Star Trek: Discovery.

Ships of the Line

With Eaglemoss Collections’ premier line of starship models coming to its end; the model-makers announced that with the release of Issue 180, The Borg Cube, Star Trek The Official Starships Collection would be discontinued, fans can take comfort in the modeler’s continuing to supply hi-end replicas of the most popular ships in the fleet with the XL Editions, ships based on the vessels from Star Trek: Discovery and now the near limitless potential accessing the Star Trek Online gaming universe.

Though sitting just on the tier of established canon, the ships in the collection are all painstakingly recreated from vessels inside the multiplayer universe, many of which, like the USS Gagarin have their origins linked deeply in Star Trek mythology. Same as Star Trek: Discovery introduced an era in Starfleet that hadn’t been explored in-depth before the series launched, the artists involved with Star Trek Online drew great inspiration for (and from) the “Age of Discovery”. The USS Gagarin is based on the Shepard-class ship, first introduced in ST: Discovery’s 23rd Century.

Measuring similarly in-length to the Constitution-class Enterprise the USS Gagarin and shares in the versatility and spirit of its predecessors. The model measures approximately 4 inches in length and is beautifully customized, sporting the elaborate “racing stripes” and brighter surface textures that have become synonymous with the Star Trek Online universe. Even the Starship Enterprise NCC-1701-F shares in the “hot rod” symmetry of the line. The USS Gagarin has an interesting backstory that is explored in the magazine, helping to place the ship into context.

In the 25th Century of Star Trek Online following the events of the “Iconian War,” the Federation enters into an unsteady alliance with the Klingon Empire and newly established Romulan Republican, and while investigating the outpost known as “Yard 39” make a discovery that connects the generations. Taking a page from its past, Starfleet invests in replenishing its fleet with inspiration from its earliest years of deep space exploration and customizes many of the pioneering designs of the 22nd Century to services them in their uncertain hour.

Collectors will undoubtedly be impressed by this newest collection and will enjoy adding them to their shelf,while diving deep into the continuing voyages of the final frontier as Star Trek and Eaglemoss Collections continue to push the boundaries.

USS GAGARIN NCC-97930 | Star Trek Online: Starship Collection | Issue 01 | Eaglemoss Collections | $29.95 available from Eaglemoss Collections here.

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