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UnBoxing | THE FLASH DC All-Stars from Eaglemoss Hero Collections

Issue 4 in the series features everyone’s favorite Scarlet Speedster celebrating the herald of the Silver Age of comics with a spectacular figurine and magazine!

FLASH! The name is inspirational! Barry Allen represents at his core the heartbeat of the DC Comics Universe. An everyman whose life is completely changed when on one fateful night while working on a case in his lab, his struck by lightning and attains the miraculous ability to race at the speed of sound! The Flash The Fastest Man Alive is brilliantly captured for fans in a new vinyl figurine as part of Eaglemoss Hero Collectors new line of DC All- Stars.

The newly minted line of figures, is the latest in the high-end collectibles featured by Eaglemoss Collections, who is also responsible for the smaller resin collection of DC Superhero Collections. Larger in presentation, each vinyl figurine measures about 5 inches in height, and is based on a popular design. In the case of The Flash, the figurine is based on the cover of The Flash #1 (Nov 2011) as the hero appeared in The New 52 relaunch, and following the events of the Flashpoint event that impacted the entire publication run.

The contemporary look of the Scarlet Speedster is captured in full-forward momentum on this figurine releases. The Flash’s current look has survived well into the now-relevant Rebirth arc that is still unraveling within the pages of DC Comics; the accompanying magazine details The Flash’s most defining moments from his long and fabled history, including the character’s impressive legacy from his Golden Age debut in 1940 as Jay Garrick, to his protege Wally West taking up the mantle following the events of the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

The magazine also includes a detailed (if not entirely) accurate timeline that follows the hero’s more than 75 year chronology, also highlighting the 10 most “iconic” covers of The Flash through the ages. The DC All-Stars collection also chronicles a “Year by Year” in the history of DC Comics. The subscriber price is easily well worth it. Each delivery features two collectible figures, each with a magazine focused on the hero or villain. Previous releases include Batman, Superman, The Joker and Wonder Woman and future issues will focus on Harley Quinn, Robin and other DC heroes.

For more on the collection check out Eaglemoss Collections here.

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