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UnBoxing | USS CONCORDE from the STAR TREK Online Starships Collection

Eaglemoss’ STAR TREK Online Starship Collections wraps its ships in the line with one of its most impressive models yet, fulfilling every fan’s dream of detailing the course Starfleet has charted in the massively multiplayer role-playing game.

An entire fleet at your fingertips! Eaglemoss Collections, the leading high-end collectible manufacturer has always expertly catered to genre fans providing them the most enthusiastic bits to stack on their shelves and display their fandom with great pride. Over the years they’ve taken model collecting to new levels and their ships in the series dedicated to the vessels inhabiting the STAR TREK Online role-playing game experience is no exception impressively coming to its end with an enticing replica of the game’s latest command cruiser.

The 25th Century that is explored inside in the massively multiplayer game, is one wrought with dangerous terrain and perilous obstacles that have shifted the balance of power across the galaxy. The Federation has faced several aggressive adversaries and mended ways with old foes, but after several of these engagements, Starfleet has had to enhance its strategy and turned from a peacekeeping armada dedicated to exploration, and has been forced to flex new muscles to exhibit a fierce defensive capability to protect its borders and strengthen its fleet of ships.

Among one of the most formidable enhancements is the USS Concorde NCC-94500 one of the largest ships ever constructed and described as a “Command Cruiser” the ship bears a striking similarity to the USS Excelsior a late 22nd Century ship design that was intended to propel Starfleet into startling new territory and sported a sturdy ship design that belied its impressive capabilities. The USS Concorde has a strikingly parallel purpose in that it is intended to chart a course into “unfriendly” territory and present itself as a formidable air of Starfleet’s might.

Ship of the Line

The model of the USS Concorde NCC-94500 is expertly crafted in die-cast metal and plastic and measures approximately 5” in length. With a familiarly appealing saucer section and lower engineering hull, the ship sports two aerodynamically detailed nacelles that are uniquely split into 2 separate shapes. It is hand-painted to reflect the coloring and style of many of its sister ships appearing in the STAR TREK Online Starships Collection giving it a threatening appearance of an ocean-dwelling killer whale.

The model is packaged in a handsome blister package (suitable for display as is) and includes a display stand along with a collector’s magazine with an in-depth profile and look at the design that went into bringing the USS Concorde to the gaming world of STAR TREK Online.

Although this 20th Issue in the line is in the final release, it is clear that Eaglemoss is not done elaborating on the ships at the heart of the online gaming universe. As is evident by the operational directive of the USS Concorde the 25th Century is a tumultuous era in Starfleet and the Federation’s history to have deployed a Command (Battle) Cruiser so massive that its primary function was to provide wide-sensor detection, and extensive shielding for the auxiliary complement of shuttlecraft and fighters it carried inside its impressive hull.

The USS Concorde is established to have measured over 890 meters in length but is not the longest ship in the fleet. That honor is bestowed upon the Yorktown-class of which the 25th Century USS Enterprise NCC-1701-F is a part. The USS Enterprise comes in at over 1,040 meters in length. The magazine features a size-comparison chart of Starfleet’s ships in operation during the height of the 25th Century and includes illustrations of some vessels that were excluded from the current line of STAR TREK Online Collection.

An Online Collection

The collector’s magazine included in each release helps build the chronology and history chronicled in the Star Trek Online roleplaying game. Its dangerous terrain and the politics of the Federation are mired in several confrontations, including yet another conflict with the Klingons (which leads ultimately to peace) and several enemies that seek to take advantage of the Federation’s weakened state following The Dominion War of the 24th Century. After events that bring the Federation and its allies against the Iconions, Starfleet is spread very thin and innovations are necessary.

In the 25th Century, Starfleet retrofits several ship designs inspired by favorite and time-tested designs from the 24th Century as well as looks to an “era of discovery” when it uncovers a ship graveyard filled with vessels from the early part of the 22nd Century. It models several new ship designs on ships from this time period that proved to be faster and more agile in interstellar conflicts. Many of these ships are inspired by ships that appeared in the early seasons of the hit series Star Trek: Discovery.

With 20 individual models in the STAR TREK Online Starships Collection that include vessels from a revitalized Federation, its allies, and adversaries, this is every fan's opportunity to engage in and explore the 25th Century of the Star Trek universe.

Stay tuned for more coverage of Eaglemoss Collections | Hero Collector's latest releases!

USS CONCORDE NCC-94500 | STAR TREK ONLINE Starships Collection | Eaglemoss Collections | $29.99 each | are available from Eaglemoss Collections / Hero Collector.


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